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7 huge questions after this week’s Australian episodes of Home and Away


Spoilers from Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away follow, which some UK viewers will choose to avoid.

Nikau’s first modelling role on Australia’s Home and Away this week made Bella nervous about what her boyfriend had gotten himself into.

Ari and Mia explored the possibility of having a child, while Leah faced a difficult decision in her quest for Susie.

Following the recent Australian episodes, we’ve been left with seven major questions.


1. Has Nikau made a big mistake?


Nikau is making rapid strides in his lucrative new modelling career. Nikau was soon booked for his first job since signing up with a local agency. He also got a sneak peek at the perks when a humongous limo arrived to transport him to the photoshoot, allowing him to fly in style.

Although the shoot went well, Nikau’s girlfriend Bella, who was present on the big day, quickly realised there were some drawbacks as well. Nikau’s booking client insisted on his attendance at an exclusive after-party, which he was hesitant to attend after such a long day.

Nikau’s lawyer, Sienna, was swift to point out that Nikau had no options due to the strict terms of his new deal, and Bella tried to reason with her. Due to the strict clauses Nikau has agreed to, Sienna boasted that she “owns” him. Is Nikau made a bargain with the devil without realising it?


2. Is Nikau getting too close to Allegra?

Bella was also concerned when she witnessed Nikau’s photoshoot. Nikau had to look cosy with fellow model Allegra for the glamorous shoot, which created an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Nikau struggled with the intimate nature of the photographs, especially when he was asked to look at Allegra as if she were his girlfriend. Nikau, however, managed to loosen up and develop some natural chemistry with his female counterpart, much to the delight of the modelling agency team.

Bella was clearly uneasy as she watched Nikau act as though he was interested in Allegra romantically. Is it just a ruse for the photo shoot, or does Bella have cause to be concerned?


3. Has Leah given up the search for Susie?

Leah spent another week concentrating on her unofficial detective work, scouring online forums for information on Susie’s whereabouts. She also teamed up with John to follow up on a potential lead on Susie, only to be disappointed when it turned out to be a dead end.

A later argument with Justin gave Leah pause for thinking, when she realised she’d ignored warning signs that he was continuing to double-dose his pain medication. She’d been too preoccupied with her Susie hunt to realise something was wrong, Justin pointed out.

Leah has now admitted that the Susie aftermath has been taking up too much of her time lately, but does this mean she’ll abandon the search and leave the investigation to the cops? If that’s the case, Susie could never be identified because the police aren’t paying attention to the case.

Whatever happens, Justin’s issues are far from done, as he hid a fresh shipment of pain medication behind a cabinet at home, not wanting Leah to know he’s still abusing the pills.

4. When will Mac get the help she needs?


Mac has been struggling since the loss of her baby and has spent the majority of the week on a downward spiral. This included a drunken move on Tane, which resulted in Ziggy ejecting her from the Astonis’ farmhouse.

Mac then moved into a hotel, but was ejected as well, as a result of getting drunk again and yelling at the manager over the phone.

Finally, Mac moved in with her brother Dean, but any hopes of this being a turning point were dashed when she relapsed to alcohol during a girly afternoon with Jasmine.

Mac has previously declined to seek counselling in the aftermath of her loss, and she appears to be drinking to forget her loss rather than processing it. Her problems seem to be set to continue for some time.

5. Will Ari’s fatherhood dream come true?

Ari had an emotional week of his own when he discovered the memory box that he and Mia had helped to build when their baby son Kauri died tragically a few years ago.

This tragic moment occurred just as Ari and Mia discussed the possibility of having another child. Mia was hesitant, citing their tragic history of losses as the reason Ari went off the tracks the first time they were together.

Mia decided to try for a child after Ari promised he’s a changed man these days and doesn’t want anything to come between them. Is it possible that the couple’s long-held dream will eventually come true?

6. Will Amber keep her promise to Dean?

This week marked the end of the path for Amber and her young son Jai, as both characters bid Summer Bay farewell. After Dean revealed that he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend Ziggy, Amber decided she needed to leave for a fresh start.

In comparison to her previous departure, Amber assured Dean that she will not prevent him from seeing Jai in the future. Instead, she promised that they might draught a formal custody agreement in the future to make it more official.

It’s uncertain if we’ll see Jai again, but there’s always the chance that Dean will pay him a visit off-screen if Amber follows through on her word.

7. Will Dean and Ziggy ever reunite?

Following Amber and Jai’s departure from the Bay, Dean took an open and frank approach with Ziggy. Amber had left because of unfounded insecurities about her relationship with Dean, Ziggy was worried. When pressed, Dean said that he is still in love with Ziggy, which is why Amber had left.

Ziggy did not seem to be swayed by Dean’s revelation, opting instead to cement her relationship with Tane. However, since the Dean/Ziggy pairing is still famous with fans, and Dean’s feelings aren’t going away anytime soon, it appears that the door has been left open for a potential reunion in the future.

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