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14 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week


The Six are questioned by the police once more on EastEnders the following week, which might have grave repercussions for Linda and Sharon.

In the meantime, Phil is compelled to take charge as George experiences further heartache.

  1. The police question the Six once more

Johnny is Sharon’s representative; after being arrested, she spent the night at the police station.

When the detective presents more evidence, Sharon falters in her account.


Before they are all questioned by the authorities once more, Johnny and The Six get together.

Later on, when Johnny gets home without Sharon, Kathy and Suki share a fresh scheme.

  1. Phil extends a proposal to Denise

When Phil asks Zack to watch Albie, he says no.

As everyone is discussing what happened, Felix accuses Phil of being the one who spoke up in favour of Sharon.


As things heat up, Kat shows in and offers some counsel that makes Phil stop and think.

In response, Phil extends an offer to Denise after overhearing a chat between her and Stacey.

  1. Bernie makes the decision to depart.

While rumours about Keanu continue to circulate, the people of the Square come together to support Bernie during her time of need.

After some time, Bernie decides to travel to Spain to see Karen and let her know that Keanu has passed away.

  1. George receives additional information.

When George gets a call from CPS saying Gloria has provided them with information regarding Eddie, he is taken aback. When she eventually makes it to The Vic, she urges George to give a statement in court.

When George hears Gloria and Eddie having a covert phone conversation, he becomes enraged.

Gloria’s inability to turn her back on Eddie is revealed, and George gives his mother the command to permanently remove her from his life.

  1. Jack battles to get back together with Denise

Jack intervenes to diffuse the tension between Linda and Cindy about Sharon.

Later on, Jack expresses his wish to make amends with Denise, but is devastated when she rejects him.

  1. Linda takes a stand.

When Johnny discloses the women’s new scheme for the murder weapon, Linda is appalled, but he still promises to get Sharon’s freedom.


A depressing George consoles Linda after she consumes alcohol in the barrel store. After their conversation, Linda makes a significant choice regarding her future.

Linda calls The Six to The Vic after their meeting to inform Denise of the new strategy.

  1. Harvey makes an attempt to expose Dean

Harvey goes to see Jade and pilfers the pillbox in order to face Dean.

Dean manipulates the story as usual, blaming Harvey and Jean for everything.

When Stacey and Linda see them fighting in the Square, they decide to step in.

  1. Eddie makes a terrifying declaration

As Eddie stands trial, George prepares to testify.

George rejects Cindy’s attempts to get him to speak with Gloria.

Eddie calls George to the Boxing Den shortly after and attempts to talk him out of testifying. Eddie, however, gives a menacing warning when George loses it and admits that Gloria urged him to testify.

  1. Denzel is exposed

Yolande is consoled by Honey and Billy after being forced out of her charitable efforts.

Despite his covert plan to meet a bunch of girls at No. 20 with Nugget, Denzel pushes Yolande to join prayer group.

After Denzel lies to Nugget about quitting steroids, the two men mend their friendship.

Even yet, their schemes are foiled when Yolande finds them out at home.

  1. Gloria gives way

Elaine teams up with Cindy in an attempt to persuade George to testify against Eddie, despite his persistent refusal to communicate with her.

Eddie is highly disgusted when a struggling Gloria yells in court during George’s cross-examination by Eddie’s defence attorney.

A threatening Eddie glares at George and Gloria as the court breaks.

Gloria gives up trying to control her feelings and walks out of the room, only to pass out outdoors.

  1. Yolande offers Pastor Clayton an apology.

When Yolande spoils Denzel’s intentions by declining to attend a prayer group and confronts Pastor Clayton outside the Community Centre, Denzel becomes enraged.

In the process of berating Denzel for his impoliteness, Yolande and the Pastor mend their friendship.

Pastor Clayton accepts Yolande’s apology and returns her leadership of their charitable endeavours.

  1. George and Gloria had a moving conversation.

After having a heart attack, Gloria wakes up in the hospital and requests George to get a box from her apartment that contains crucial information about his early years.

Overwhelmed by the memories at the apartment, George goes to the Boxing Den but is stopped by Phil.

After learning that Ben has been given a six-year prison sentence, Phil gives George some advise and persuades him to return to the hospital.

This motivates George to tell Gloria about a significant occasion. George visits her on the hospital bed to hear a recorded lullaby from his biological mother, and the two of them go on a nostalgic journey.

  1. Linda is questioned once more

Linda fabricates a tale to the police about what transpired on Christmas Day.

When they respond by questioning Linda’s original decision to withhold this information, things don’t go as planned. How is she going to act?

  1. Billy keeps something from Honey.

Billy’s decision to call off their extended shopping date annoys Honey.

Jay assists Billy in hiding when it becomes evident that he is up to no good.

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