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Will a new soap replace Neighbours? Channel 5 boss reveals all


The head of Channel 5, Ben Frow, has disclosed whether a new soap opera will take its place once Neighbours is cancelled after 35 years. Neighbours is getting closer to airing its final episode ever.

Although Neighbours fans had petitioned for the show to be preserved, the Australian soap will screen its final episodes the following week, much to the dismay of viewers who love watching soap operas.

But might a brand-new programme take the place of the popular soap opera?

Ben corrected the record and made it clear that there are no plans to replace Neighbours in an interview with the Radio Times Magazine(opens in new tab).


He stated: “No. Today, I believe, people watch TV in quite different ways. Such a nightly dedication to a soap opera is significant.

“Where is the space when you have Coronation Street, EastEnders, Casualty, and Emmerdale? My money would be better spent on more adaptable content than a typical soap.”

Ben also talked about what will happen to the final Australian soap opera on Channel 5, Home and Away.

And it appears to be in capable hands, as the showrunner revealed to the Radio Times: “It will be intriguing to watch how we use it as we advance, in my opinion.


“There may be another location on the 5 spectrum where it belongs. However, because of the life-of-series agreement, it won’t be cancelled until the producers decide to do so.”

While Neighbours has given us a first glimpse at Kylie and Jason on set, where they’ll be returning as their legendary characters Scott and Charlene, there’s still much for soap opera fans to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, the first two famous characters joining the cast of Neighbours: The Farewell Tour were just revealed.

Regular characters The highly anticipated tour’s initial cast members, Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher, who have played the endearing Karl and Susan Kennedy for 27 years, will be visiting the UK in March 2023.


The iconic soap stars, affectionately known as “The King and Queen of Ramsay Street,” have been a part of the programme since they first appeared in 1994 and have been at the centre of some of the major plotlines for close to three decades.

Fans will have the chance to relive their favourite Ramsay Street moments as well as hear “Never-before-heard stories from Erinsborough” on the tour. There will also be a chance for an audience Q&A and even a chance to meet the cast.

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