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The most Shocking and Heart Breaking deaths at home and Away

It is the long-lasting soap with some of Australia’s most distinguished TV characters.

Yet it was all the more unolder how some of the most popular Home and Away characters left Channel Seven.

With Katarina Chapman, the popular Pia Miller character, widely believed to have left this month’s show in a tragic accident, Daily Mail Australia looks at Home and Away’s most shocking deaths

Memory: Daily Mail Australia looks at Home and Away’s most heinous deaths with the iconic character of Pia Miller Katarina Chapman, generally believed to leave this show in a fatal car crash this month.

Died sadly. After just a few months, Alan Fisher had a brief but unforgettable stay at Home and Away, killed in tragic fashion

Fisher: Hemorrhage of the Brain, 1989.

After a few months on display, Alan Fisher had a brief but memorable period on Home and Away
The teenager died of a brain haemorrhage due to an inoperative tumour while Simon Kay played.

Alan was not able to hear his loved ones’ advice and participated in a surf contest which claimed his life when his diagnosis became public.

When he got out of the bath, he collapsed and was pronounced brain death, his life support in the hospital turned off.

His funeral: when he got out of the water he collapsed and declared the brain dead with his life support turned off in a hospital

Shocking: Nicolle Dickson’s death of Bobby Simpson marked the first significant character to leave the soap.


Boating Accident: Bobby Simpson, 1993.

Bobby Simpson, performed by Nicolle Dickson, passed away on the soap by the first major long-term character.

After three years of showing, Bobby came to a close on a poor boat trip with friends during a fun-fun Summer Bay fair.
During Simon Kay’s play, the child died of a haemorrhage in the brain due to a tumour.

Alan did not hear the guidance of his relatives, attended the surfing contest that took his life when it was publicised after his diagnosis.

After he came off the water, he crumbled and had been declared to have died brain, his hospital life support switched off.


His burial: he died and declared his life support dead in a hospital as he was coming out of the water.


The first important character to leave the soap was Nicolle Dickson’s death of Bobby Simpson. Shocking:

Bobby Simpson, 1993. Boating Crash.

The first major long-term character of Bobby Simpson, conducted by Nicolle Dickson, died on the soap.

After three years of showing, during a nice Summer Bay fair, Bobby ended his bad boat trip with friends.
Heart attack, 2000. Ailsa Stewart:

After thirteen years on the soap, the tragic death of Ailsa Stewart shocked their hearts.


The beloved stalwart wife Alf Stewart died while moving boxes after a heart attack.


Speaking at TV Week in May, actress Judy Nunn admitted that she was frustrated with the sudden departure of the show from her character.

Tragic end: while carrying boxes, Ailsa collapsed and passed away.

‘I’ve been really frustrated. And this is the first time I admit it ever,” she said.

When I got the script, I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking, “Hey, come on, buddy. She had this dumb little heart attack after 12 years, or she saw her chest grabbing.”

‘I actually felt quite let down by the force. It was OK with the trash now you’re out.”


In 2002 Ailsa returned to soap in shock, while Alf suffered from a brain tumour in hallucinations.
Not content: In May at TV Week actriz Judy Nunn admitted that she was misled by the sudden departure from the programme from her character

Gregarious crowds: the brutal late Noah Lawson, played in a video by Beau Brady, devastated Summer Bay fans hunk. Illustrated in 2001 with Bec Cartwright then a mentor and co-star (married name Hewitt)

Gunshot wound: Noah Lawson, 2004

Noah Lawson’s violent death, which Beau Brady played, devastated Summer Bay fans.


Noah admitted to a crime he hadn’t committed for the purpose of salvating his friends and was fatally shot after being held hostage by a psychological escapist.

He died in a dramatic standoff next to his fellow Hayley Lawson, played by Bec Hewitt, an old-fashioned love of the screen.

sacrifices: Noah admitted to the crime that he did not commit to save friends after he was taken hostage by a psychic escaper who was trying to revenge him
Cancer Death: After completion of a demonstration skins search for a group of school children, the Summer Bay Doctor, who played Joel McIlroy, (pictures to right), found cancer

Skin Cancer, 2006. Flynn

In one of the heart-breaking episodes of Home and Away, a beloved husband from Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie), Flynn Saunders dies from skin cancer.

After a demonstration skin control for a group of school children, Joel McIlroy, the Summer Bay doctor, learned he had cancer.

After stopping chemotherapy, Flynn died in his wife’s arms, Sally, to die in his house.

Gunshot wound, 2012 Charlie Buckton: Buckton.

Charlie Buckton was fatally killed by Jake Pirovic following his decision to leave Summer Bay, with the love of her life Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton, played by Steve Peacocke.
Charlie (Esther Anderson) was shot twice at Jake’s home after completing her last day as a policeman.

Charlie’s daughter Ruby rushed to hospital and agreed to turn off her life support.

Dies: Charlie’s daughter Ruby hastened to the hospital and chose heartbreakingly to turn away her life support

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