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Shock s*x secret, murder confession and Aaron dies?: 6 big Neighbours spoilers


In Neighbours, the events at River Bend have left a trail of destruction; Aaron (Matt Wilson) is in grave danger, Glen’s (Richard Huggett) secret is likely to be revealed, Ned (Ben Hall) cheats on Amy (Jacinta Stapleton), and David (Takaya Honda) is to blame for a death.

That was a fantastic vacation.

Aaron was beaten to a pulp by lunatic Gareth, and although being transported to the hospital, his injuries are severe. Is David ready to witness him die because he is with him when he suddenly takes a turn for the worse?

Meanwhile, David is troubled by the knowledge of his misdeeds, which include kissing Dean and killing Gareth by refusing medical help. Will it be too much for him to keep his secrets hidden as he watches his husband’s life slip away?


Glen has been keeping a secret of his own, and it’s one that comes out after a little of emotional prodding.

And Ned and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) take advantage of the fact that they are stranded in the woods with no one to save them by getting hot and heavy in a waterfall. Amy is probably going to wish they’d just left them there?

Is Aaron going to die?

Aaron’s injuries are extremely serious, and things were looking up until his health suddenly began to deteriorate. It appears that he is going to die as his condition deteriorates. Is he going to make it through emergency surgery?

Glen rambles on

Glen can’t stop thinking about Kiri and eventually confesses to Terese that she is his daughter. However, as he speaks it aloud, he realises he can’t tell anyone else and must keep it a secret. However, despite his decision, he finds himself wishing to reconnect with his long-lost daughter.


David’s guilt

David regrets his role in Gareth’s death, believing that he could have easily saved him. Freya assures him that he was going to die anyhow, and it’s not his fault. He can’t hear it, though, and his confession is on the verge of being made public. David begins to sweat as a coroner’s probe into Gareth’s death begins. He and Freya have already been interrogated, but he is scared to learn that they will be interrogated again. Freya notices David is on the verge of breaking down; will he admit to what they did?

Harlow and Ned are having a great time

Harlow and Ned are stuck in the jungle and become increasingly afraid, since the Neighbors are unaware. When it gets cold, the two huddle together for warmth, but they realise they need to find refuge before it gets dark. They come to a waterfall, and their friendship begins to blossom. With their pulses racing and no visible source of salvation, the pair gives in and gets heated, fearing they would perish.

Ned’s brow furrows

Ned and Harlow are found safe and sound after their short dalliance under the waterfall. However, Ned’s head is a jumbled mess. He can’t deny his new feelings for Harlow, but does Amy still hold a place in his heart? She’s been attempting to reclaim him for a long time. Amy is pressuring Ned for an answer on whether they can be together again, and he is torn, but when Amy pulls out the big guns and woos him with a grand gesture, he realises how much he cares for her. Is he going to brush Harlow aside? Will she accept it quietly if he does?

Dean snog is hidden by David

David has a new secret up his sleeve, and with so many lies being kept hidden, something is sure to come out sooner or later. David is fighting to cope while Aaron fights for his life in emergency surgery. However, after Aaron survives this latest danger to his life, David finds that Dean has already confessed the kiss to Aaron. David is enraged and pledges to file a complaint against Dean for his actions. What does this mean for David, though? Has Aaron just come back from a near-death experience just to have his life fall apart?


Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, March 14th.

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