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Review of Home and Away: Jasmine gives Irene a piece of her mind

John Palmer is ghosted by his Tinder date, accepted to the modern era of dating.

We’re all waiting for a baited breath date with John-I’m kidding-I couldn’t care less about the love life of John, but I have to admit, even a hard nut like myself feels a little sad to see him sitting there alone.


In an equally interesting and unrelated note, Bella basically leaves the house with her scarf, but I have a new admiration for her.

But enough of that because Tane and Ari weigh up whether it is possible to rob some wealthy sports club because Paul and his gang have photographic evidence of something dodgy being done by the uncles.

Paul and his crew are obviously not very smart because they will get a shock when they notice there are no rooms in the country club packed with cash.
“Ari says, “I will not lose you, either.


The circumstances surrounding the death of Mikaere (Nikau’s father) continue to be spoken about, and Ari breaks down in tears. He also convulses a little to emphasise how upset he is—a good bit of creative direction.

Nik has been on it and tells Bella immediately that things will be risky and his uncles want him to flee to New Zealand.

For Bella, it’s very hard, but she promises him that she can go.
I can’t lose someone else, Nik,” Bella tells him.”
Nikau starts packing his bags and gets out of the bay right away, which is definitely the best decision he’s made in a while.

Bella comes home, and she’s all alone dawning on, everyone she loves has been dead or in prison or gone, and she’s crying on the sofa. She’s gone.

Justin, who is doing fine and has been discharged from the hospital, keeps going. He moans and goes on all the time, but he laughs.


But for a minute, don’t think that this is the last thing we’ve heard about his cancer. I sincerely hope Leah’s dead husband’s curse will revive her ugly head once more. And I know, sure, that Justin isn’t Leah’s husband, but a long-term boyfriend is pretty much the same thing.

Anyway to celebrate his new lease on life, Leah is likely to marry him and that would really cement his fate.

Now for my pick, Jasmine, who was quiet on the baby-making front, but on fire all the time.

Finally, Tori opens the presents from the crash at Gracie’s first birthday party, including the ring that Jasmine dropped into the bin that Irene later rescued.

It is at this very moment that Tori figures out that she forgot the dead Robbo-Leah and Justin, the father of her child and Budget McDreamy, look at each other feeling terrible.

Jas is graced with a “Heart Dad” bracelet, but Jas behaves alooof. Jas is a gift that Tori seeks.

“To Tori, Jasmine says, “I don’t understand, I changed my mind to give you the gift.
Irene pipes up to remind us that she was the one who put the present back on the gift table. She then exits and goes back to her post behind the counter in the diner, instead of waiting around to be screamed at by Jas.
It’s just really odd.

Jasmine and Tori pick up their debate as if Irene’s arrival had not taken place.
“Tori tells Jasmine, “If you feel like Robbo has been missing in some way, I’m so sad.
Jasmine is saying she’s okay, a classic line from her.

And Tori and McDreamy’s budget get into their first fight, when the doc likes to put his 2 cents into trouble.

I don’t know how we got through each other’s arms to cheer them up, as McDreamy says.
With the last word, he gets in.

“With Jasmine, it’s not really a problem, it’s a problem with you,” he says to Tori and strides off.

For a bit, then Irene gets more airtime. Once again, she comes out of her place behind the counter and Jasmine suggests it to her, accusing Irene of “tip-toeing” around Jasmine.


Never change, Ah Jasmine.


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