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Panic attacks, an arrest and severe trauma: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


The Paratas are struggling this week on Home and Away without Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams). Mia (Anna Samson) is helpless, and Chloe (Sam Barrett) is traumatised and filled with guilt, knowing he is likely facing a life sentence in prison. Mia gets some wise counsel from Dean (Patrick O’Connor) about what Ari would want, but just as she tries to bring the family back together, Ari’s lawyer delivers some terrible news…

Meanwhile, Alf (Ray Meagher) is on a warpath; he believes Theo (Matt Evans) duped Ryder (Lukas Radovich) into the Buried Alive prank, and he wants Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) nephew punished. His plot to bring charges for attempted murder, however, falls through when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) tells him that being an idiot isn’t a crime! However, Alf persists, and it isn’t long before the cops arrive to apprehend Theo for a different cause…

This week on Home and Away, here’s what to expect.

Without Ari, the Paratas begin to come apart

Due to Ari’s criminal past, he was immediately transported to a remand centre, with no prospect of being freed on bond, and in his absence, reality began to set in for the Paratas. Mia tries to console Chloe, but her guilt consumes her and she pushes her mother away. In the meantime, Nikau is enraged that Ari has refused Mia’s offer to give a statement in exchange for a reduced sentence. Mia and Tane arrange a family intervention in an attempt to bring everyone together, but Mia’s idea that everyone should visit Ari that weekend is met with scepticism. To make matters worse, Mia learns news from Ari’s attorney that breaks her heart…


Neve accepts Mackenzie’s invitation to live into the Pier Apartment

When Logan comes up in Salt with a woman he claims is his ex, Neve, Mackenzie is taken aback. He and she not only have a lengthy shared past, but she is also a qualified medical professional who, like her lover, served in the army. How will she be able to compete with that? Later, Neve tries to make amends by apologising for kissing Logan, but Mackenzie is taken aback – was there a kiss? She confides in Bella after the difficult talk, saying she needs to take control of the issue and that she’s going to move Neve in with them so she can keep an eye on her.

When Neve sees blood, she realises she has been severely traumatised

When Mackenzie offers to have her boyfriend’s ex come live with them, Logan and Neve are taken aback. They agree to the scenario, and Logan expresses his gratitude to his partner, adding that he will work hard to assist Neve overcome her trauma. Neve insists that she’s alright, but while walking along the beach with Logan, they come across an injured swimmer. Logan runs to assist, but Neve becomes traumatised when she sees the blood from the cut. Neve shares the memory that has been bothering her at home: the time she feared Logan was going to die on the operating table.

Mackenzie is sweet-talked into a job at Salt by Felicity

Felicity has been jobless since leaving the nightclub — the location contains too many horrible memories for her, and she is wary of an employer who hires people like her murdering ex-friend Anne. When she learns that Mackenzie has lost a member of her team at Salt, she instantly applies for a position. Mackenzie grudgingly agrees to interview her, but the situation rapidly shifts as she needs to find Logan and Neve. She promptly inquires about Felicity’s bartender certification, and when Felicity confirms, Mackenzie hires her on the spot, with no interview or references required, and she can begin immediately!

Mia finds out that Ari is giving Tane his portion of the gym

Mia is attempting to bring her family together by organising a weekend group visit to see Ari at the remand centre, but not everyone is on board. When Mia receives a stack of documentation from Ari’s lawyer, her own strength is tested. Ari has signed over his portion of the gym to Tane, according to the document. Just as she was beginning to feel hopeful, she received word that Ari has accepted his fate. He’s organising his affairs and prepares to serve a life sentence in prison.


Cash must arrest Theo for attempted murder, according to Alf

Following Theo’s multiple attempts to apologise following the disastrous Buried Alive prank that saw Ryder sent to the hospital, Alf has had a gutful. He is convinced that Theo led Ryder into the scenario, and he goes to the police station to file accusations of attempted murder against the youngster. Cash, on the other hand, argues that’s not going to happen. Ryder is equally liable for the hoax videos, as he has seen them. They can return to the matter if Alf can come up with a specific crime that Theo has done. Alf is left with plenty of fodder for pondering…

After the coffin prank, Ryder starts having panic attacks

As his vendetta against Theo continues, Roo tries to persuade Alf to change his mind. She convinces him to watch the prank films, claiming that they were both too concerned with Martha to keep an eye on Ryder properly. However, Roo’s plan backfires as Alf takes out his wrath on Ryder as soon as he gets out of the hospital – what was he thinking?! Ryder goes on a walk with Roo, but he feels overwhelmed and claims he can’t breathe, transporting him back to his memories of being trapped in the coffin and running out of oxygen…

Theo gets detained for an unusual reason

Theo and Ryder have decided to erase the video pranks channel, and Theo is feeling optimistic about the future. He gets into his car and turns on a catchy track before driving away. When a police car arrives, he’s barely put the car in drive. Theo is taken aback when an officer informs him that he is being arrested for vehicle theft. Why would he steal a car when he already has one? The cop, on the other hand, claims that this isn’t about a car; he’s been arrested for stealing the Surf Club Polaris.

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