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Neighbours teases showdown for Nicolette and Glen in 19 new spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s in store for Ramsay Street in the week ahead, beginning Monday, March 21.

Monday, March 21:

Mick has returned. Chloe might never be able to get rid of him.

Mick is pleased with himself. Montana Marcel has hired him as his assistant.

Terese and Chloe have a goal to complete. To host a fashion show at Lassiters, they need to impress Montana.


Mick may be in possession of all the cards. Terese and Chloe will have to make small talk with him.

Mick isn’t going to make Chloe and Terese’s lives any easier. They have a difficult task ahead of them.

Tuesday, March 22:

Glen is confronted by Nicolette. She’s learned that Glen has told Kiri everything she’s done wrong in the past.

Nicolette is curious about Glen’s activities. Outside Lassiters, there’s a public brawl.


Nicolette is concerned about the worst-case scenario. She is concerned that Glen’s revelations may discourage Kiri from dating her.

Glen is having trouble defending himself. He revealed the information because he is uncomfortable with Kiri being in town.

Glen’s motives are unknown to Nicolette, and no one knows that Kiri is Glen’s long-lost daughter.

Glen prefers to keep the truth hidden. Nicolette’s rage, on the other hand, is just calling attention to Glen’s odd behaviour.


Both Kiri and Terese are watching the squabble unfold. Things are starting to spiral out of control.

Glen strives to bring everything back to normal. However, things are about to get a lot worse.

Glen is shoved into the pond at the end of the showdown. He gets drenched.

Nicolette seemed to have aggravated the situation. Kiri feels dissatisfied with her actions and has become even more irritated.

Leo makes an effort to assist Terese and Chloe. To get the Lassiters tender back on track, they’ll need someone to charm Montana Marcel.

Friday, March 25:

Montana is played by a well-known actor. Tammin Sursok, a former star of Home and Away and Pretty Little Liars, has been cast in the role.


Montana is impressed by Leo’s efforts. He’s paying a visit to her residence.

Montana looks to be a fan of Leo. Will Leo, Chloe, and Terese be able to get what they want with this?

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