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Neighbours’ Susan Kennedy caught out by Izzy Hoyland as tensions rise


Favorite Susan Kennedy from Neighbours gets caught off guard in today’s UK episode (July 25) when her arch-enemy Izzy Hoyland learns what she is doing.

Izzy and Susan are presently engaged in a fresh power struggle because Izzy has recently started dating Malcolm Kennedy.

Izzy and Mal have declared their intention to return to Ramsay Street and reside in Number 24, which Chloe Brennan recently listed for sale.

Susan has ordered Paige Smith, who is in charge of overseeing the sale of the house, to find a another buyer because she can’t tolerate her son’s connection with Izzy.


Susan is steadfast in her belief that she is acting in her family’s best interests in Monday’s edition of the show on Channel 5, which begins the show’s last week.

Izzy, on the other hand, is not going to take Susan’s scheme lying down, so a new confrontation results when she learns about it.

Will Izzy maintain control now that Susan has been exposed for a rare instance of scheming?

Izzy’s actor, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, recently discussed whether or not she would return for the serial opera’s final episodes.


Nicola said: “Being back is both wonderfully beautiful and amazing, yet it is also really surreal. I was first a little anxious, but I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Izzy is engaging in the same old mischief. This character is very wonderful. She loves to cause trouble and is complex, and this time is no different.”

When asked how the public will likely respond to Izzy’s actions, Natalie answered: “My God! Bring it on, I believe they’ll be enjoying it in secret!

“They are incredibly devoted to Karl and Susan. There will undoubtedly be some public sentiment against tampering with the Kennedys. I’m hoping they’re going to accept it.”


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