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Neighbours stars respond to Chloe and Elly outcome in series finale


We are already in the first week of life without Neighbours, but viewers of the romance between Chloe Brennan and Elly Conway (or “Chelly”) received a surprise in the final episode when the couple eventually got back together.

The actors April Rose Pengilly and Jodi Gordon have been discussing what the romantic reunion meant to them. The last scenes of the long-running soap featured Chloe and Elly getting together and making plans for a new life together in Sydney.

April reflected on how adored the couple was by a vocal and ardent segment of the Neighbours fandom and noted that memes and requests for a reunion continued to come even though Elly’s character left the show two years before it ended.

As of April: “We’ve stated it before, but we had no idea how much the tale would speak to so many people. We’re both incredibly appreciative to have been involved.”


Jodi expressed her gratitude to the writers for honouring her and her partner’s deep love and choosing this particular resolution.

You could never foresee love in Erinsborough, as evidenced by Chloe and Elly getting back together and departing Neighbours as a couple.

When Elly was engaged to Chloe’s brother, the two slept together, giving their relationship the rocky start you could only image. While they did go on a date when the turmoil subsided, they quickly realised that they were better off as friends.

However, two years is a long time, and the couple has now managed to put their affairs in order.


Given that April was the third cast member to be revealed, there will probably be some discussion of Chelly on Neighbours: The Farewell Tour in the UK in 2019. In addition to Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne, and Ryan Moloney, there will be more names to be announced.

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