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Neighbours Spoilers – Will JJ keep Felix’s robbery plans secret?


Next week on Neighbours, JJ will have to consider lying to Felix about his illicit plans while giving him a false alibi.

Only a few weeks have passed since Felix (James Beaufort) joined Neighbours, but he’s quickly winning over admirers across the street.

After serving time at Warrinor Prison for his involvement in several robberies, he recently got out of prison and is living with his brother Andrew (Lloyd Will), sister-in-law Wendy (Candice Leask), and niece Sadie (Emerald Chan). He claims to be back on the straight and narrow.

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After growing fond of him, Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) is eager to impress the newcomer and is going to Felix’s “Welcome to Ramsay Street” party later this week.

Unfortunately, Holly’s attempts to ask him out are thwarted when Felix’s possessive girlfriend Jools (Eva Seymour) shows up and promptly corrects her.

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Additionally, Felix unintentionally befriended JJ (Riley Bryant), who might or might not be his son.


Felix is eager to put some distance between them, but it’s proving more said than done. Felix recently found out that he and JJ have identical birthmarks on their backs, presumably showing that they are father and son.

JJ has been seeking guidance on self-defense techniques to assist him combat bullies Slade (Charlie Di Stefano). When the techniques Andrew teaches him don’t work, JJ goes to “bad boy” Felix for additional guidance.

Felix gives him some psychological techniques that he picked up while incarcerated that are meant to stress out your opponent. They work a charm and eventually get Slade to leave him alone.

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Nobody knows this, but Felix isn’t as spotless as he appears to be.

He intends to work with Slade, as we saw in last week’s episodes, and he wants to save as much money as he can before he leaves Erinsborough—even if it means violating his parole.

Additionally, Wendy has gotten him an interview for a construction position at Eirene Rising, and he has already lined up purchasers for the building supplies he intends to pilfer from the site.

As JJ’s affection for Felix grows, he soon pulls a shocking move by giving Felix a false alibi when the cops show up.

In the upcoming episode, Haz (Shiv Palekar) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) discover Harold’s destroyed upon their arrival, and Andrew is tasked with looking into the break-in. Andrew is made to question his brother despite his lack of faith in him, asking him where he was when the crime was done.

Felix interprets Andrew’s insistence that he’s simply following protocol—since he’s on parole and resides in the area—as another sign that his family isn’t sure about him. He vehemently denies any involvement, yet he is unable to provide a solid alibi.


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The two brothers argue during Felix’s welcoming party, but then something unexpected happens: JJ intervenes and falsely claims to be Felix’s alibi!

Wendy and Andrew are eager to hear JJ defend himself in Monday’s show (March 25), but they are unaware that Felix is equally as surprised by the alibi reveal as they are.

Felix agrees to the story even though he didn’t ask JJ to do it, and their bond just gets stronger.

Felix later confesses to Jools that he is beginning to second-guess the robbery and his intention to flee Ramsay Street.

Although it appears that JJ might be able to help Felix get back on track, JJ quickly learns of Felix’s intended robbery and finds herself torn between keeping it a secret or not.

When Cara and Remi arrange a family gathering to discuss honesty—or JJ’s recent lack thereof—his decision becomes even more challenging.

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He experiences the opposite reaction from the parental intervention, and after concluding that his mothers are hypocrites, JJ decides to maintain Felix’s secret.

similar to a father, similar to a son?

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