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Neighbours spoilers: Tragedy for Hendrix Greyson after transplant error?


In Neighbours, an ecstatic Hendrix (Ben Turland) receives the lifeline he requires, but things quickly take a shocking turn.

After learning that he received a transplant, Hendrix is ecstatic. He’s overwhelmed with appreciation and longs to express his gratitude to his donor.

Although it is kind and well-intentioned, Karl (Alan Fletcher) informs him that this is not possible. Hendrix, being Hendrix, is unconcerned. He wants to express his gratitude and sets out to find them.

He tracks down the donor using some detective work. When the donor’s upset relative discovers him, he pays him a visit, but things swiftly collapse.


Hendrix is taken aback by their emotional outpouring in response to his appearance, but he is in for a bigger shock.

Hendrix is taken aback. He’s squandered his one chance to beat this dreadful disease?

Mackenzie can’t stand watching him fall apart, so she embarks on her own mission to right the wrong, finding down the donor’s father and pleading with him to reconsider. Could her interference exacerbate the situation?

Hendrix and Mackenzie decide to speed up their wedding plans, knowing that their time together may be limited.


Everyone pitches in to help organise the wedding as quickly as possible, and Hendrix goes above and beyond to give Mackenzie the day she deserves.

These scenes will appear on Channel 5 on Monday, May 30.

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