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‘Neighbours’ spoilers: Paul Robinson and Terese CELEBRATE!


On Neighbours, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is overjoyed that he has finally reunited with his estranged wife, Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou).

Terese has been assisting Paul with his recovery after the Flamingo Bar disaster, and the couple has grown closer once more.

Terese is still concerned about Paul, who is currently suffering from a UNKNOWN health problem.

Paul doesn’t seem to mind and wants to host a party for their family and friends at the penthouse to commemorate their long-awaited reunion.


Paul is definitely enjoying the limelight and chooses to make his reconnection with Terese official with an SURPRISE announcement!

The classroom prank at Erinsborough High School does not impress Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

She soon suspects that the perpetrator is someone who lives close enough to Ramsay Street to be up to date on all the current neighbourhood rumours.

Could it be Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke), a disruptive student who recently moved into Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Maloney) house?


Meanwhile, Zara discovers that the prank was perpetrated by prominent girl combo Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan) and Aubrey Laing (Etoile Laing).

When Jane, headmistress Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne), and teacher Curtis Perkins (Nathan Borg) start asking questions, Zara becomes the major suspect!

Is Zara going to be in trouble for something she didn’t do?

Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) are still perplexed by David’s father, Paul’s, health setback at Erinsborough Hospital.


Unfortunately, Paul has now enlisted the help of a specialist, Dr. Oscar Russell (Adam Rowland), and is refusing to answer any of Karl’s or David’s health-related questions.

However, Karl and David are still worried about possible legal action being taken against the hospital in the case of a misdiagnosis.

So they call Dr Russell in for a chat.

But he turns out to be just as deceptive as Paul when it comes to the truth!

Will Karl and David get one step closer to uncovering Paul’s latest ruse?

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