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Neighbours spoilers: David Tanaka, Aaron and Nicolette are TRAPPED at sea!


On Neighbours, David Tanaka (played by Takaya Honda) has regained his smile.

As he awaits punishment for Gareth Bateman’s death at River Bend, the doctor has been completely depressed.

Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), David’s husband, has arranged for the guys to stay at an Air B’n’B up the coast and lease a boat.

Aaron is overjoyed to see David in the best mood he’s had in a long time.


Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes), David and Aaron’s baby mama, joins the fellas for the holiday’s final night.

Before David’s bail check-in, they intend to take the boat out one last time.

Aaron, Nicolette, and their infant daughter, Isla, are spending quality time with David.

He’s almost forgotten that his sentencing is coming up in a few days.


That is, unless a CATASTROPHIC EVENT occurs…

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) has a plan to go cold turkey now that the truth about his opioid addiction has come to light.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is concerned about Glen abruptly stopping his back pain medication.

Terese accepts Glen’s demand after consulting doctor Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine), and they dispose of the pills.


Despite the fact that there is still a long way to go, Glen is cautiously optimistic.

When Glen’s long-lost daughter, Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson), tries to mend their relationship by inviting Glen to her birthday celebration at The Waterhole, things start to look up for Glen.

Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) tries to brush off her daughter Zara Selwyn’s (Freya Van Dyke) idea that Amy has SECRET emotions for Toadie Rebecchi elsewhere in Erinsborough (Ryan Maloney).

But is it possible that Amy doesn’t rely on Toadie as a friend?

After all, he has Melanie Pearson’s (Lucinda Cowden) budding relationship to consider.

This is especially true now that Melanie is relocating to Number 30.


Amy wants to distance herself from Toadie.

But it’s not long until she’s in need of the legal eagle’s assistance once more!

Zara, on the other hand, might have a solution to her mother’s male problems…

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays at 1:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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