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‘Neighbours pulled me through the bleakest points in my life’: readers say farewell to the Australian soap


Neighbours’ 37 years of flashy, soapy excitement come to an end this week. Before the final episode of the venerable soap opera, we asked viewers to share their favourite moments from the programme and what it meant to them.

“The actors and authors ought to win every award available.”

Neighbours was revolutionary in the ways it offered diversity and representation, how it handled really touchy subjects, and how it provided aspiring talent with a path into the business. My favourite plot development was Sonia’s passing. Even writing this now makes my throat tighten. Eve Morey (as Sonia) and Ryan Moloney (as Toadie) did great acting; the way they embodied every feeling that comes with having a terminal illness was heartbreakingly wonderful. The performers and authors of those episodes deserve to win every accolade available. Marketing manager Jo, 43, from London

“I’ve been watching it ever since I can remember.”


My daily escape is 22 minutes of Neighbours. I’ve watched it ever since I can remember, and I’ve carried it with me through college and becoming a “real” adult. The show has a strong online following that has only gotten bigger over the past few years. Neighbors is capable of handling both serious and lighthearted plotlines, and it will be missed when it is gone. The two-hander between Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) and Finn Kelly (Rob Mills), which came after a week of special episodes to commemorate the show’s 35th anniversary, was a highlight moment from the night. It was claustrophobic, stressful, and so expertly done. Guy, 42, Peterborough volunteer

It has provided stability and comfort.

Throughout my life, neighbours have been a constant and source of comfort. There was always a safe haven to retreat to, a reminder of the good in people, of the virtues of friendship, hope, possibility, and positivism, no matter how gloomy real life grew. Both times I lost my parents—in 2005 and 2018—the programme helped me get through the darkest moments of my lives. Although it will be greatly missed, the memories will be treasured for a very long time. Bristol-based musician Tim, 47

It has always existed. It’s always brought me joy.


To me, neighbours are really important. As a child, I watched it twice daily, and while I was in college, I studied while watching it. It was the programme my husband and I would always watch together as adults. We made a significant detour to Melbourne during our 2002 trip to Australia in order to visit Ramsay Street and attend the Neighbours Night, when we first met Karl, Steph, and Darcy. The episode’s death of Drew stands out in my memory since it was so tragic. It has consistently existed. It has always brought me joy. It will be missed by me. Emmy, 39, of Newport

“To me, neighbours are like a close buddy.”

Neighbours is like a wonderful friend to me, and I have autism. I won a contest in 2012, and I still have the prizes—which included signed script and props—that I won. I also have a tonne of stuff, including stamp collections, VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs. My first recollection of Neighbours is Harold saving Des Clarke from the explosion at the coffee shop. The storyline between Susan, Karl, and Izzy, as well as Susan’s discovery of her multiple sclerosis, were both quite compelling to me. There are a tonne of interesting plotlines. It will be terribly missed. Nottinghamshire native Calvin, 39

“I like to get away to the sun and attractive people.”


I started watching Neighbours when it first started, and I’ve continued to watch it for the past five or six years despite dipping in and out over the years. I adore enduring figures like Toadie and Paul, Karl and Susan. I like my half-hour of brightness and alluring individuals. There is humour as well as predictable and ludicrous stories, and problems are usually solved quite fast. Neighbours will be much missed. It provides some light reprieve from the gloom of the outside world. Jo Lea, 66, a Jersey-based retired occupational therapist

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