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Murder investigation, house prisoners and dangerous games: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


Xander (Luke Van Os) is a tornado of emotions this week on Home and Away as he deals with the repercussions of the automobile accident. He initially lies to Millie (Zara Zoe) about her friend’s death, but while she’s in the hospital, he tells her the truth. In a fit of wrath, Millie accuses him of the death, and Xander becomes so overcome that he vomits…

Meanwhile, Ryder (Lukas Radovich) is getting ready to leave the Bay for a new adventure working on a cruise ship, but his farewell party does not go as planned. Chloe (Sam Barrett) flees with Theo (Matt Evans) after Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) confronts her about the harmful contents of her diary. Bella (Courtney Miller) runs down the road with a final message for Ryder as he departs the Bay with Roo taking him to the port…

Here’s what’s on tap for the week starting June 13th.

Xander forms an emotional bond with a car accident victim

After seeing a car accident involving Logan and newcomer Millie, Xander jumped into action alongside Jasmine. He decides to withhold the truth from Millie while they wait for aid after discovering her companion dead farther down the road. Later, he feels terrible and is disturbed when the doctors fail to inform her of the truth. When he tells her herself, she sobs, and Xander vomits into a nearby garbage because he is filled with emotion. Logan is disturbed as he watches – why is Xander becoming so attracted to this stranger?


Is Logan or Millie to blame for the murder?

Logan and another driver, Millie, collided while driving around a bend, but the major need now is to get everyone medical help. However, once everyone is in the hospital, it becomes clear that Millie’s friend Jo died in the accident. Cash and Rose investigate the incident and come to the conclusion that it was caused by driver mistake. One important question now remains: was Logan or Millie to blame for the fatal car accident?

Nikau discovers Chloe has been photographing Bella while she sleeps

When Nikau and Bella learn that Ryder is going – and that Roo is throwing a last-minute farewell party for him – they set about creating a farewell card filled with old photographs. Nikau knocks Chloe’s diary off the couch and a snapshot falls out as they depart for the party. When he pulls it up, he notices it’s a photograph of Bella sleeping. He examines the diary, horrified, and learns Chloe’s emotional manipulation. He tells Bella the truth, furious, that Chloe has been deceiving us!

Is there trouble in store for Alf and Martha as she pulls away from him?

Roo has put Martha on a stringent wellness regimen in the hopes of getting her healthy enough for a kidney transplant, but Alf has been trying to keep up with the veggie bowls and meditation sessions. When he feels far from his wife – she’s often out at art courses and lunches with pals – the problem escalates. Why doesn’t there seem to be any room for him? Roo urges her father to respect Martha’s privacy, but Alf asserts that it is a husband’s duty to be with his wife. Will the two be able to get through this stumbling block without incident?

Is Theo no longer interested in Chloe because he rejects her kiss?

Following her confused messages, Theo and Chloe have been in an unpleasant place. He’s been a pawn in her emotional games, as she slept with him, pretended to be into him, and then abruptly rejected him for no apparent reason. When Nikau confronts her at Ryder’s party after reading her diary, everything becomes evident. Chloe, humiliated, bolts – and Theo chases after her. When the two reconnect, Chloe tries to kiss Theo, but he pushes her away. Has Chloe permanently damaged her prospects with Theo?


Ryder embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime journey

Ryder has taken the difficult decision to assume a new profession as a croupier on board a cruise liner. He’s glad to be surrounded by friends and family for his departure party, and he’s moved when John arrives with a present that’s far more considerate than he could have imagined. The party takes a turn for the worse when Nikau confronts Chloe about her diary, and he rushes away with Bella, but as Ryder is being driven out of the Bay by Roo, Bella runs down the road to say her final goodbye…

Felicity gets imprisoned in order to prevent her from attending PK’s poker night

Since PK turned up in Salt and got Mackenzie to hold a high roller poker night by throwing money at her, Felicity has been suspicious of his motives. Her concerns are heightened when PK refuses to let her attend the event since she is the sister of a cop. She marches down to the station and demands that Cash run a background check on him, but Cash is tired of breaking the laws for his sister and declines. Later, as the poker night gets underway, Felicity is restless at home. She makes her way to the front door, but Nathan and a large man stop her. She’s not leaving till the poker night is over…

PK devises a devious plan to entice Mackenzie into bed

Mackenzie is apprehensive about hosting PK’s poker night on her own, but she is relieved when Tane and Ziggy arrive to provide a hand. Everything is well until PK strolls over to the bar and nonchalantly informs her that the House has lost. Salt now owes all of the players a total of $100,000. Mackenzie starts to feel panicked — she’s now doubled her debt! PK assures her that he has her covered, but Mackenzie is perplexed as to why he is so generous. PK smiles and hands her a card with his hotel address on it, telling her she may ‘pay’ her bills later that night…

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