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List of all the men that Home and Away star Sam Frost have Dated till now including some very popular names

She fell in love and had her heart crushed-all in front of the eyes of the country.

But no matter how turbulent Sam Frost’s love life has been over the years, we’re all fascinated with the beautiful Home And Away star finally coming to a happy end.

Now that she and her ex Dave Bashford seem to be back together, we can’t help but look back to her ex-boyfriends.

So, who are the lucky-and high-profile-men who were in and out of Sam’s dating life?

Scroll down to greet Sam’s old flames.

Blake Garvey
Blake Garvey picked up Sam Frost in season two of The Bachelor’s finals, and instantly became Australia’s most hated guy when he dumped her for second runner-up Louise Pillidge shortly after the episode aired.

Sam had the last laugh, however, as the jilted reality star went on to be the country’s inaugural Bachelorette. In the meantime, Blake and Louise were calling time for their romance in April 2016.

Sasha Mielczarek:

Hearts melted when Sam Frost picked up the ruggedly attractive Sasha Mielczarek in the Bachelorette final in 2015.


However, the end of the fairytale was not too long and they declared the end of their high-profile relationship 18 months later.

Michael Turnbull

There were a lot of men vying for Sam’s heart on The Bachelorette. But it was a controversial former soccer player, Michael Turnbull, who made it the nearest to the end before his heart was broken as a runner-up in the final.

Unlucky-in-love Michael returned to the franchise for the first season of Bachelor In Paradise as he tried to hunt for Mrs. Right.

Richie Strahan

Before finding – and breaking up with – Alex Nation, Bachelor’s Ritchie Strahan struggled for Sam’s affections.


He came third on The Bachelorette, but his unforgettable “Cool Bananas” catchphrase and a cute date where he and Sam, dressed as old people, will live forever.

Davey Lloyd

Larrikin Davey Lloyd has been a dating show veteran, having starred in Paradise for two seasons of Bachelor.

But it all started with The Bachelorette, where he tried his best to attract the future Home and Away Star.

Paul O’Brien

Before she appeared on The Bachelor, Sam dated Paul O’Brien’s former Home and Away star back in 2011.


Later, he slammed her casting on the same soap he stared at, admitting that he could see why certain actors would be annoyed.

Dane Ramp

It’s a classic event, or did it or didn’t it?

At the beginning of 2015, after saying that she was dating Sydney Swans player Dane Rampe, Sam renounced her assertion. The radio star took to the social media to share her statement, holding a chalkboard that read, “Sometimes we make stupid decisions … I think it’s called being human.”

Dave Bashford

In mid-2017, Sam reported that she was a longtime friend of Dave Bashford’s. The couple kept their relationship largely private for the—nearly three years they’ve been together, sometimes posting loved-up snaps on Instagram. Unfortunately, in July 2020, Sam’s representative announced that the two had formally broken up.

“Sam Frost and Dave Bashford are no longer in a relationship. They remain great mates,” said the spokesperson.

The couple has since rekindled their relationship in December 2020.

Tim Franklin

During her and Dave’s split, reports swirled that Sam and her Home And Away co-star Tim Franklin, who plays famous cop Colby on a hit soap, turned their on-screen relationship into real life love.

These are, after all, some of the steamy scenes that the two of them get on the screen!

“They’ve been seeing each other in secret for months, but Sam’s wanted it kept on the down low after the horrendous split with Dave [Bashford] last year,” said a Home And Away source to Woman’s Sam Day and Tim’s secret love affair.

“She’s smitten, and she really wants them to be the next big TV couple.”

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