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Isla Fisher announces the death of her father Brian


Brian Fisher, Isla Fisher’s “best friend” and father, passed away, the actress said.

The Australian celebrity posted a number of pictures of her late father on Sunday along with a tragic revelation on her Instagram.

She asked, “How do you live without someone you can’t live without?”

“How fortunate I am to have you as my father. You were my best friend and you were hilarious and upbeat.


“No matter what was happening in my life, you never failed to ask me if I was enjoying myself.

“I know this agony will worsen as the days pass since I last saw you, and that is quite frightful.”

I adore you a lot. She concluded by saying, “Thank you for being the best parent #poppafish.

Fisher tweeted a different caption-free photo of herself grinning next to her father at a Starbucks before the words for her father.


Many of Fisher’s well-known pals expressed their sympathy for the actress in the comments section.

“Oh buddy. I’m terribly sorry. I am aware of your deep love for your father. Reese Witherspoon, an actress, stated, “Sending you all my angels.

“Oy, slush… I’m terribly sorry. You must have pleased him, I’m sure. sending a hearty hug Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, stated.

I’m really sorry, Isla,” remarked Naomi Watts, a fellow Australian actress. This news is terrible. I am aware of how near you were. Huge love being sent.


Oh, lovely Isla, my heart hurts for you. Fashion designer Rachel Zoe stated, “I am sending you all of my love and healing.

Fisher was born in Muscat, Oman, and raised in Perth, Western Australia, where her father was a banker.

The last time Fisher and her father shared a photo online was in October, when they wrote, “Oh-fish-ally the dearest Dad #poppafish #saltyseadog #clearlyhisfavorite.”

In addition to numerous other references to her father over the last five years, Fisher shared a vintage black-and-white photo of her father in 2021.

“This is Poppa Fish, my father. She commented, “I love him, he’s the best, and I am so grateful to have him in my life.

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