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Home and Away’s steamiest wardrobe malfunctions – nip slip, knicker flash and tiny dress


The soap opera Home and Away is renowned for its provocative storylines, including sex tape scandals and steamy relationships.

Obviously, intimate moments call for very revealing attire, but the Channel 5 soap stars have experienced more than one wardrobe disaster in public as well.

The ensemble of Home and Away is renowned for their risqué wardrobe faux pas, which range from nip slips while filming surfing stories to knicker flashes when enjoying a snog.

We look at the most audacious of them all, from braless outfits to thigh-skimming dresses.


Flashing knickers

Isabella Giovinazzo, a star of Home and Away, was left mortified in 2016 when she unintentionally showed her underpants to everyone in the room while having a passionate smooch with James Stewart.

The sexy scene was captured by Isabella, who up until 2017 portrayed Phoebe Nicholson in the Channel 5 serial opera.

James removed his shirt to reveal his abs while Isabella pulled him in with a hand on the back of his neck during their passionate kiss on set.


At the moment, the actress was wearing a neon pink dress that barely covered her peachy behind and exposed her pastel pink underwear when it rode up.

All in the name of filming, of course, Isabella closed her eyes and laid her lips against her co-star, exposing her toned thighs and crotch with a lacy pink trim.

However, Ashleigh Brewer admitted that Isabella’s knicker flash wasn’t the only one among the cast members of Home and Away; her friends regularly make fun of her own knicker antics.

The Neighbours actress, who is best known for playing Kate Ramsay on the serial opera, also played Chelsea Campbell in Home and Away from 2018 to 2019.


The actress admitted her mistake to Inside Soap and gave the following explanation: “I had only been on [Neighbours] for a few months, and I was dressing in a really short skirt.

“The plot was Donna Brown putting on a runway display. When I walked off the catwalk, they told me to raise my hand, and when I did, my skirt slid up to my belly button!

After her co-star friends recreated the embarrassing incident at the office Christmas party, she continued by saying that she “couldn’t live it down.”

sleeveless dress

All eyes were on Home and Away actress Ada Nicodemou as she almost averted a serious wardrobe malfunction while wearing a short dress.

For a picture shoot, the Leah Patterson-Baker actress wore a stunning silver dress covered with sequins and diamonds.


But as she appeared for an advertisement for Porsche Centre Willoughby in New South Wales, the short dress barely skimmed her upper thighs, leaving very little to the imagination.

Ada chose to wear a pair of wedge heels and let her dark hair fall loosely down her back for her sensual performance, leaving her amazing legs uncovered.

Quick slip

While filming a scene in the sea wearing a blue vest top and pink tights, Lisa Gormley was reminded of why surfers typically choose wetsuits.

While filming scenes for her role as Bianca Scott on Home and Away, the actress unintentionally exposed her nipples in the beach shots.

Back in 2013, the celebrity’s clothing faux pas made news, and followers flocked to online forums to discuss the gaffe.

We need a post-watershed H&A, someone joked, as one person called Lisa “sexy” and asked for “more please.”

After seeing the news, a visibly upset Lisa tweeted: “Good morning, world! My parents had never laughed so loudly. Because of this, most people learn to surf while wearing a wetsuit. We do things for soap!

No-bra snap


While filming for Home and Away in 2016, Pia Miller forwent her bra, and her white t-shirt made it clear that she was not wearing undergarments.

For a beach photo shoot, the stunning model chose a little pair of colourful shorts, layering a t-shirt over them, and skipping the bikini for the time being.

Pia finished off her look with a simple pair of black Converse, letting her brown hair fall about her face and exposing her slim legs.

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