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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor’s new life in London after leaving soap


The real-life pair who portrayed Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson on Home and Away later relocated to the United Kingdom after announcing their departure.

After departing Home and Away, Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor made the decision to move to London.

They are a real-life pair in addition to their role as Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson in the soap opera.

Before moving into Summer Bay, the two were acquainted, and they chose to leave the show together.


How did Patrick and Sophie meet?
Although they first publicly declared their partnership in September 2019, the couple had been friends for many years prior to their soap opera debut.

Their eight-year relationship began when they enrolled in the same acting programme in Queensland and began their studies together.

They both wound up working on Home and Away after finishing their degrees, with Sophie joining the cast first.

After relocating together in 2020 and getting a cute puppy, the pair is now seriously dating.


Sophie and Dillman left Home and Away for what reason?
After appearing in Home and Away for five years, the couple announced their departure from the programme back in February.

The couple was excited for the next phase of their lives, but Sophie described the choice as “pretty big.”

She said on The Morning Show, “I suppose after we kind of (decided to leave after) just over five years, we’re kind of entering a new era, like dirty thirties.

What are Patrick and Sophie up to in London?


After the performance, Sophie and Patrick made the choice to move to London. They continue to travel more during their leisure time, so they aren’t quite done moving.

Even in their 30s, they teased that they were taking a gap year. They have so far taken a road trip around Scotland and Ireland, which they characterised as nothing short of incredible.

Patrick revealed that they also went on a quick weekend getaway to Italy as they are resolved to travel throughout Europe while they are residing in the UK.

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