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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor’s brand-new lives in London as they look to new careers


Despite their passion for London and European travel, Patrick and Sophie claimed they will eventually come back to Australia.

Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman of Home and Away have opened up about their new lives in London.

The actors Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni relocated from Australia early this year and now live in London.

According to RSVP Live, they emphasised that they are currently focused on travelling and do not have any immediate plans to return to Australia.


Sophie has been pursuing new interests and even contributes articles to Yahoo Australia.

It’s incredibly amazing, she said to RSVP Live. I’ve always wanted to try something like that and employ my artistic side, but I’ve never really got the chance.

“I made a leap of faith and enquired as to whether I might be able to do it. When I contacted Yahoo, they embraced the idea and were quite supportive. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve loved stretching myself and using a different creative portion of my brain.

“I sincerely hope it continues, or I may end up with additional work as a result.”


She claimed that because she adores both performing and writing, she won’t completely give them up.

Prior to joining Home and Away, Patrick said he worked at a photography studio but that he was a horrible writer.

Acting tends to occupy the majority of his thought processes right now, he admitted, although he had always considered running a studio of that kind in the future.

While touring through Europe, the two have thought about making appearances in British television series and motion pictures.


“We’d both be thrilled to work here, doing any kind of creative work. Only a brief break is being taken before we resume. We intend to stay a little while and work here, Sophie added.

In the distant future, Patrick responded, “Probably,” returning to Australia. There are both of our families, and eventually we want to start a family. Even while I think it’s great here (in the UK), you do need a support system. We do, however, genuinely love Australia.

It was acknowledged that his companion “really misses the beach.”

In jest, Sophie said, “I’ve really lost a part of my soul not having a beach nearby.”

We have a lot more exploring to do, she continued, “but I do think we’ll eventually go home.”

This summer, the pair will visit Ireland to interact with viewers of Home and Away.


On July 15, they’ll be in Wexford; on July 16, they’ll be in Waterford and Limerick.

We were aware that there was a crowd here, but we weren’t fully aware of its size until we got there, said Sophie. It’s been quite incredible.

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