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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney to face a dilemma after Cash Newman’s shooting


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Following some unexpected job news, Rose Delaney from Home and Away battles with her conscience in the upcoming episode of UK television.

The deadly biker gang that had been causing havoc in Summer Bay was just brought down by Rose, but the risky police operation had unfavourable outcomes when Cash Newman was shot.

After the motorcycle gang drama, Rose is informed that she has been nominated for a commendation award in the episodes airing on Channel 5 the following week.


Rose’s superiors in the police department are happy that the operation apprehended so many of the bikies, who are now accused and awaiting trial.

Despite this, Rose is uneasy about the compliment because she still holds herself responsible for Cash being shot.

Felicity, Cash’s sister, has already accused Rose of failing to shield him. Felicity quickly apologised for this, but Rose hasn’t forgotten her criticism of her.

Xander counsels Rose to accept the credit for a job well done after she confides in him.


Rose, who is still conflicted, eventually tells Xander that she won’t be accepting the award.

Xander makes a covert call to Cash for assistance out of concern for his sister’s potential loss of a significant chance.

Cash is astonished when Xander brings up Rose’s prize during lunch with the Delaney siblings and that she might be declining it.

Cash is quick to assert that Rose wasn’t to blame for getting shot. He also emphasises how her efforts merit praise.


Rose makes the decision to accept the honour after getting Cash’s approval. Cash laments his losses and feels deeply hurt by Rose’s achievements in secret.

Felicity is once again concerned when Cash locks himself in his room at the Parata home and won’t leave to get food.

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