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Home and Away’s Roo Stewart to receive a wake-up call over her feud with Martha


Roo Stewart of Home and Away will soon have food for thought about her conflict with her mother Martha, thanks to some hard-hitting comments from John Palmer, who has caused her to reconsider her stance.

Late last year, Martha (Belinda Giblin) was caught up in a toxic gas assault at Salt. She became very unwell and required a new kidney immediately.

Roo (Georgie Parker) desperately wanted to donate a kidney to her mother, but Martha declined since she didn’t want her daughter to put her in such a dangerous situation. An enraged Roo has accused Martha of giving up on her life as her health continues to deteriorate, and she has been difficult to grasp her point of view.

Since then, Alf (Ray Meagher) has been torn between his wife and daughter, and in upcoming scenes, he chooses to pay Martha a visit in Merimbula, according to TV Week.


Alf invites Roo to join him, but she declines since she isn’t ready to play happy families just yet. When Alf puts pressure on Roo to mend fences with Martha, Roo’s efforts to assist only serve to exacerbate the situation.

Justin Morgan (James Stewart) offers to assist the two, advising to Alf that he employ a gentler approach with Roo. He also approaches Roo, urging her to make every day matter, citing Ari Parata’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) terrible death as an example of how delicate and valuable life is.

Later, at the Surf Club, Alf tries one more time to persuade Roo to change her mind, but she refuses. Exasperated, Alf decides to travel alone to Merimbula.

But John (Shane Withington), who has been listening in the background, can’t help but become involved. Since he approaches Roo, he admits that he understands Martha’s position on the transplant, as he would not put his own children in danger.


Roo is taken aback by his statements, understanding that she hasn’t considered things in that light before and wondering if she has been incorrect about her mother all along.

Will Roo reconsider his decision and make amends with Martha?

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