Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Home and Away to air two abrupt exits as popular characters bow out


The final episodes of Logan Bennett and Jasmine Delaney’s Home and Away will premiere next week in the UK.

The two characters made their final appearance on Australian television last month, but they are still being broadcast on Channel 5, which is currently six weeks late with its programmes.

Logan can be seen pacing in his hospital office while deep in thought in the programmes of the upcoming week on Channel 5.

Logan is obviously struggling with a choice, but he ends up making it by getting in touch with the army to inquire about re-enlisting.


Mackenzie Booth shows up at the hospital shortly after to hunt for Logan but discovers that he has already been replaced by Dr. Bolton, who is now in charge of the ED.

Before leaving Logan a voicemail to see if he’s okay, Mac rushes to Salt and pours herself a drink.

The next morning, Mac plays Jasmine the voicemail response Logan left. Logan explains that after a challenging few months, he was unable to remain in Summer Bay.

Mac is disappointed that the chance of a reconciliation with Logan is no longer a possibility, but she respects his decision.


The executive producers of Home and Away revealed in December 2021 that Harley Bonner, who played Logan, will not be making another movie in 2022.

At the time, a show representative said: “When filming begins on Home and Away in the upcoming weeks, Channel Seven can confirm Harley won’t be coming back. We send our best wishes and genuine appreciation to Harley for his efforts on the programme as he departs.”

Jasmine learns that Wendy, the mother of her late spouse Robbo, has had a heart attack, which is upsetting news for her.

While Wendy heals, Jasmine chooses to go help the Shaws on their farm.


Last year, Sam Frost, who played Jasmine, stated that she would be taking a sabbatical from Home and Away so that she could get her COVID shots. A rule put in place at the beginning of the year requires everyone in the cast of Home and Away to get vaccinated.

Later, Sam declared that her departure would be unabated due to a change of heart.

In a statement provided to Digital Spy, a representative for Channel 7 stated: “Sam’s decision to leave Home and Away is one that we accept and support. Our deepest gratitude and best wishes for the future go with Sam as he departs.”

Insiders for the show claimed that Sam’s departure had nothing to do with the earlier debates around vaccination.

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