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Home and Away star Sarah Roberts reveals she was the target of racism growing up in Australia: ‘I got called hurtful names’


Sarah Roberts, a star of the television series Home and Away, has spoken about growing up as a Sri Lankan woman in Australia and encountering bigotry.

The 37-year-old actress, who plays in the upcoming comedy Wog Boys Forever, told The Herald Sun that she had encountered racist comments before.

I used to get called extremely cruel names growing up, so I can relate to feeling ostracised, she said.

“Wog Boys Forever” restores a sense of pride in those who had previously felt left out.


Sarah wrote a heartbreaking open letter to her younger self in 2018 that described her terrible experience with prejudice.

She stated in the letter, which appeared in New Idea magazine, “The thing is Sar, as you grow up, a lot of people are going to make fun of you for the colour of your skin.”

They’ll call you things like “poo-face,” “curry-muncher,” “chipolata sausage,” and “abbo,” but as time passes, you’ll realise that your skin tone is actually your most attractive feature.

The actress stated that she and her husband James Stewart are happy in their home at the time.


There have recently been rumours that the golden couple of Summer Bay’s relationship is in trouble.

However, the actress claims that the pair is strong in her interview with this week’s issue of Stellar Magazine.

Family life is excellent, and we both have a lot to be proud of, she told the outlet.

The actress revealed that her husband, 46, and his ex-girlfriend, 37-year-old Jessica Marais, are raising Scout, their ten-year-old daughter, in a happy home.


We’re preoccupied with raising Scout. She’s currently in Grade 4, and she’s turning into a little woman, Sarah remarked.

It follows rumours of a split when Stewart, who wed Roberts in 2019, was conspicuously absent from his wife’s most recent movie premiere, Wog Boys Forever, on Thursday night in Melbourne.

Stewart no longer follows her on Instagram because she was “nowhere to be seen on the red carpet.”

Although Roberts was still sporting her wedding band during the occasion, Roberts’ agency shot down rumours of a breakup.

The couple reportedly sought couple’s counselling in an effort to mend their relationship after months of rumours of their breakup circulated.

In November 2018, Stewart and Roberts got engaged. At the restaurant where they had their first date the year before, he proposed.


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