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Home and Away star Matt Evans shares exciting career news


Actor Matt Evans of Home and Away has announced that he will be releasing his own songs this year.

Theo Poulos, the character played by the actor, has been displaying his singing abilities recently.

Matt said during a fan chat on his Instagram Stories that he will be releasing some new music soon.

Advising his fans to keep an eye on his TikTok page, Matt said: “I upload a lot of music there, but it’s going to be where I put a lot of my new songs.


There will be a plug from me. Yes, I’m working on music, and this year will undoubtedly see its release.

I’m extremely excited, he added in jest. If you enjoy my music, join TikTok right away and follow me if you haven’t already.

Each to their own, if you disagree and believe I’m terrible.

In 2020, Matt competed on The Voice Australia, and the following year, he was cast as Theo on Home and Away.


In recent episodes of Home and Away, Theo demonstrated his love of music by jamming with Justin Morgan and singing to Chloe Anderson, his girlfriend.

While these scenes have not yet shown in the UK, Australian fans have already seen Theo replace the departing singer of the new band Lyrik.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Matt talked about how opinions of Theo have evolved among viewers.

They no longer dislike him and have begun to like him, he acknowledged. Theo’s reputation among the fans seems to have completely changed. People assumed he was an arrogant young boy when he first entered because of his ego and his outward appearance, even though there was clearly something else going on.


“I think the fans can now relate to him because he was able to resolve his issues. People now recognise him for his cheeky side, which is little more endearing than naughty.

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