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Home and Away star Matt Evans promises “epic” new story for Theo Poulos


Theo Poulos, played by Matt Evans on Home and Away, will have “epic” new sequences.

With his band Lyrik dissolving when Kirby Aramoana left, Theo has been at the centre of the drama in recent weeks.

Because most of her songs were restricted by copyright, her departure meant that the group would have to start performing covers of other songs. Theo began to doubt his own place in the band as a result.

He ultimately decided to stay in the group after briefly considering going alone, but Evans has hinted that his character will soon be back in the heart of things.


“Next year is going to be even cooler because I have an epic storyline coming up,” he revealed to Inside Soap. “There are some new things on the way for Theo, where he is experiencing things that he’s never experienced before – physically and emotionally.”

Evans, who began working on the serial in 2021, also spoke on his and Theo’s journeys, noting that they had both advanced much from their early appearances.

“It’s very different from when I started – those immature storylines were always quite hard to play because I was older than the character,” he said. “I worked really hard to develop a more mature acting approach since it’s important for the character to grow.

There has been an abundance of excellent music. We always assumed Lyrik would only exist for a short while before going extinct, yet it has endured and is connected to so many other stories,” he continued.


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