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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger reveals how Irene would bow.

Home and Away maybe 30 years old, but Lynne McGranger dreams of how she would like to bow out of the soap. Irene Roberts.

While a few people have died unnecessarily in the show over the years, she wishes her character will leave with dignity.

As far as I know, there is no death planned for her, but when I go I want her to die what I call a Molly death, as in the Tradition of a Country, “McGranger told AAA.”

The blackness vanished and her eyes closed. The whole country was then therapy … I would love to see a tear-jerker like this. However, she acknowledges that her proposal is not slashing.
But we’ll see that, it’s my plan. I’m sure they have arranged a great deal for Irene until she’s shuffled off in a box,’ she laughs.
Since then, McGranger has flown to appear in the Telethon for as long as she was on our shows.
However, in almost three decades, this year will be one of the few times when she won’t have the chance to attend a fundraising weekend this weekend because of the locking of borders.

Telethon 2019. Television celebrities meet the sick kids at the Perth Childrens Hospital in Nedlands. Lynne McGranger meets Angiemay Adano 7yo. Picture Jackson Flindell The Sunday Times

In March, we checked back to see what weekend it was to put it in our diaries. This year, it’s not going to be such a shame. But I know that people can make things fabulous behind the scenes,’ she said.
Years went by and I had really nice experiences.
“You get to put on your insane hat and do things that I would never do normally, such as smashing eggs over my head and singing and dancing with musical stars and, of course, being part of something that is now an institution in our country.”
She says meeting with the patients and families at Perth Children’s Hospital is always a highlight, even if some don’t know her.

Often the little kids look at us and go ‘who the fuck you are,’ but then, of course, the older kids look at Home and Away and they love it and they’re so happy, “she said.”
I just love working in the phone room, where 99 per cent of the time I lose my voice because I never shut up all weekend. I still feel like I haven’t put myself in the rough yards if I haven’t lost my voice.
While she admits that “the older” she gets the “longer it takes to recover,” she hopes to be back next year.
God willing, next year we could be back on deck again. “She said,” Telethon is truly humanity at its best.

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