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Home and Away spoilers: Will Heather Fraser accept Marilyn as her mum?


After their familial relationship on Home and Away was made clear, would Heather Fraser (guest star Sofia Nolan) stop playing her sick mind games with Marilyn Chambers (played by Emily Symons)? (1:45 pm – listings can be found in our TV Guide).

Marilyn admits to being Heather’s long-lost birth mother.

Instead of a joyful mother-daughter reunion, Heather attacks Marilyn and accuses her of leaving Heather when she was a baby.

Marilyn caused Heather’s life to be ruined, thus Heather finds it unbelievable that the people of Summer Bay held her in such high regard.


After a disastrous romance with a married guy years before, Marilyn tries to explain why she handed Heather over.

However, it seems that Heather is not yet prepared to forget.

Lyrik are arguing over all the band business while Justin Morgan (James Stewart) watches.

The group members decide they require a new band management over beers with Justin.


Is Justin the right person for the job?

After all, the owner of the garage, Justin, had already gotten the band a new tour van.

The band’s lead singer, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), is also a related.

Even though Justin has little knowledge of insurance, travel expenses, or band equipment, he is motivated to show himself.


Could this be a DISASTER recipe?

Stephanie Panozzo’s character Eden Fowler is determined to assist Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

She persuades melancholy copper Cash to go out with her.

While enjoying beverages, Eden and Cash begin to talk about their previous relationships, which took place before either of them relocated to Summer Bay.

It’s obvious that they are still attracted to one another as their eyes continue to linger over one another.

Will Cash and Eden succumb to their desires and share a bed?


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