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Home and Away spoilers: WHY is Marilyn Chambers behaving strangely?


After being subjected to the shock chemical poisoning on Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers (played by Emily Symons) took a vacation from Summer Bay to recover.

Marilyn appears to be back to her normal self after her weird behaviour, which is a comfort to her family and friends.

When Marilyn has a spontaneous outburst towards Roo, both Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) are taken aback!

Marilyn’s caustic remarks haven’t stopped.


However, when Marilyn, a Diner employee, keeps dumping plates at work, Roo becomes concerned that there is something more serious going on than just a bad attitude.

When Roo discovers a stressed Marilyn searching through the bin at the Caravan Park, her suspicions are confirmed.


And what exactly is the cause of her sudden unusual behaviour?


After Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) accuses Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) of stealing his cherished Taiaha weapon, there’s more tension at the Parata mansion.

Since the death of Nikau’s uncle, Ari, Chloe has been at odds with the family.

Mia (Anna Samson), convinced that her daughter is innocent, intervenes to defend Chloe after a new fight breaks out.

Is Chloe, though, as innocent as she appears?


What makes her “discover” Nikau’s lost Taiaha in the bathroom?

While Justin Morgan’s girlfriend and Theo Poulos’ aunt, Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), is away in Cyprus, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) have been bonding.

Justin, the garage owner, is ready to hire Theo as an official apprentice mechanic.

However, the good times may be coming to an end shortly. Theo learns that Leah has been conversing with her brother, Dimitri, and Theo’s father.

Theo hid in Summer Bay to get away from his controlling father.

Is it possible that Leah is attempting to bring her father and son back together?


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