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Home and Away spoilers: WHO murdered Peter “PK” King?


On Home and Away, Peter “PK” King was murdered.

PK’s DEAD corpse was found by Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Leah Patterson lying on the sand dunes (Ada Nicodemou).

Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) and his police partner Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) begin investigating Summer Bay after determining the name of the deceased man.

WHO might be the target of a murder?


Let’s see, shady dealer PK made enemies throughout the community, including Cash’s sister, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis)…

Felicity is forced to answer questions from the police about her relationship to PK when Cash and Rose arrive at the Parata home.

Felicity keeps her calm and only divulges some details.

But deep down, she’s terrified!


It might only be a matter of time before Salt’s illicit gambling nights are made public as a result of a police murder probe.

Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner), who saved Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) after THAT stabbing at the restaurant Salt, is still learning the full scope of his girlfriend Mackenzie Booth’s (Emily Weir) deceit.

Logan is shocked to learn that Mackenzie almost had a sexual encounter with PK at his hotel in order to settle her debts.

When Logan and Mackenzie run into one other, Logan feels insulted that she even gave PK’s lewd proposal any thought after Logan volunteered to assist Mackenzie, the restaurant owner, with her financial difficulties.


But now that PK is dead, it appears like Mackenzie’s situation is about to grow more rougher.

Can Logan get through the deceits and lies of Mackenzie?

Or is the connection between the two doomed?

After being blackmailed by Millie, Xander Delaney (played by Luke Van Os) is in a predicament (Zara Zoe).

Now that Jo, Millie’s best friend, has passed away due to the vehicle accident, the paramedic is aware that Millie is to blame.

However, Millie has decided to remain silent about using her phone while driving and place all of the blame on the other driver, Logan, out of concern for endangering her legal future.


After Millie threatens to reveal a former secret of Xander’s, Xander feels under pressure to accept her deception.

Jasmine (Sam Frost), Xander’s anxious sister, wants to know what is happening between him and Millie.

Will he be honest and divulge the specifics of the troubled background Millie is attempting to use against him?

Channel 5 will continue to air Home and Away every day at 1:15 PM.

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