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Home and Away spoilers: WHO does Tane Parata warn to leave Summer Bay?


On Home and Away, Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) is still concerned about the threats from the biker gang (1:45pm – see our TV Guide for listings).

Tane has revealed to his nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) the gang’s scheme to use the neighbourhood gym as a means of money laundering.

Tane is forced to participate in the unlawful action.

The money that Tane’s late brother Ari and his fiancée Mia stole from them following an armed robbery has been explicitly demanded returned by the gang, according to Marty (Ben Wood), the gang’s commander.


Tane is aware that he needs to take action to ensure everyone’s safety as Marty’s associate, handyman Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan), continues to prowl around keeping an eye on the Parata family.

Tane provides the bikies more money than he owes them out of desperation.

However, the bikers have BIG plans for the gym—plans that go beyond using it for laundry!

Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett), Mia’s daughter, is threatened by Tex, so Tane tries to persuade Chloe to leave Summer Bay and go live with Mia in New Zealand.


Chloe begs to know the details of what is happening.

Will Tane disclose the DANGER’s full scope?

Can Chloe be persuaded to leave the Bay and leave Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), her boyfriend?

Australia’s Got Talent, in the meantime!


Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) attends an audition to take over for the band Lyrik’s late lead singer Bob Forsyth.

Nobody expected garage technician Theo to be able to play guitar and sing so well, so his audition at Salt attracts a crowd!

But will Theo’s musical abilities be sufficient to gain him a spot in the band?

Theo is supported by Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson).

The rest of the band, though, is still unsure.

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