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Home and Away Spoilers – Stacey makes a move on Nikau


The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Stacey’s advances on Nikau put Xander and Nikau’s new relationship to the test, and Felicity finally makes up with Gary.

While Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) experienced an unwelcome blast from the past last week when her foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) arrived, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is beginning to prepare his wedding surprise for Flick.

Cash had two justifications for inviting Gary to Summer Bay. Cash asked Gary to bring down their late father’s old ute while also hoping that Flick would finally put her apparent animosity against him behind her and invite him to her forthcoming wedding.

Anthony, Cash and Flick’s father, killed himself on the family farm in 2006, and Cash, then 12 years old, was the one to discover his body.


By this time, Cash and Flick’s mother had already passed away, but because Gary and his late wife Katherine were close friends with the Newmans, they didn’t think twice about adopting the two kids. Flick, age 9, would never accept Gary and Kath as his or her parents, despite the fact that they gave him or her a loving home.

Now that he has the ute, Cash plans to rebuild it with Justin’s (James Stewart) assistance so that Flick can use it as her wedding vehicle, knowing how much it would mean to her.

As the men begin work on the ute, they quickly realise how much work is ahead of them because it hasn’t been driven in the 16 years since Anthony’s passing.

The first task is to see if they can at least get the motor to start. While it appears that’s a no-go right now, they do manage to get power to the dashboard.


Cash can’t believe his ears as The Triffids’ “Wide Open Road,” his father’s favourite song, begins to play when he turns on the car sound.

Cash becomes upset as Justin tells him to turn up the music because he remembers his father driving along the farm road as the song was blasting.

Even more proof comes in the form of a horseshoe necklace that Cash later discovers under the driver’s seat and immediately recognises as being his late mother’s.

When she lost it, his father searched the area thoroughly, and it has been sitting there in the ute for all these years.


Back at the house, Flick has unwillingly decided to speak with Gary over breakfast after she initially became angry at seeing him, which resulted in Gary leaving the room without a word. Flick revealed to Tane (Ethan Browne) that she was cruel to Gary when she was younger because she was having trouble dealing with the loss of her father. Tane thought Flick could make things right, but Flick thinks it’s too little, too late.

When left alone with Gary, Flick confesses that she only wants the two of them to appear strong in front of everyone, but Gary thinks it’s time they resolved their differences once and for all. Gary reminds her that he and Kath had made a pledge to always love her, and Flick questions why he is even bothering given how nasty she was to him.

Flick, who has been slowly defrosting, reveals that she had never been able to accept her father’s decision to commit suicide and only recently came to grips with it. She also believes that Gary was involved with everyone else in hiding the fact that he had been “murdered.”

She believed Gary was attempting to take the place of Anthony, and if she allowed Gary to get too close, she might forget about Anthony.

It seems as though Flick has finally turned a corner as she sobs her way through an apology for everything she put Gary through.

Later, Cash gives Flick their mother’s necklace, saying she can wear it on her wedding day. It appears that everything will come together for the ideal wedding because both of their parents are now scheduled to participate in some capacity during the festivities (though Flick is still unaware of this).


Until Flick hears about a delivery and starts to freak out!

In another part of Summer Bay, Xander (Luke Van Os) is unsure of his decision to continue seeing Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri).

The nurse-turned-personal trainer has captured Xander’s heart, but he was taken aback when she told him she doesn’t think in monogamy. He would have to accept the possibility of possibly sharing her with other guys if he wanted to continue seeing her.

Xander astonished his sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier) by agreeing to try it, but it soon becomes apparent that it won’t be as simple as he’d hoped.

The two decide to meet up at Xander’s place the following week, but Stacey is a touch surprised when she arrives to discover Xander preparing them a special supper. Stacey gently informs him that she won’t change her opinion on partnerships in light of the effort he has made.

The following day, Xander is unhappy to discover that Stacey has already made plans to see someone else for lunch. When the date doesn’t show up, Stacey rushes to Salt to meet Xander, who acknowledges that everything is beginning to feel a little strange.

When Stacey asks him if he’d like to meet together later, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is perplexed because he assumed she was seeing Xander. Xander is relieved to learn that Nik rejected her and thanks him for the warning when he questions him later.

When Rose remarks that Stacey wasn’t kidding about non-monogamy, Xander can be seen to be straining, but he tries to brush it off by saying he’s not bothered.

But now that Stacey is making advances toward his buddies, it’s obvious that things are getting a little too intimate.

Stacey informs Xander that it’s his choice, but she makes it obvious that she won’t be forced into an exclusive relationship when he later states that he has no intention of seeing anyone else while he’s with her.

The following day, the couple apologises to one another in the hopes of moving on, but Xander can’t help but wonder whether there is a chance of eventual exclusivity.

While Stacey acknowledges that she cannot give any assurances, she will never say never.

Is Xander still setting himself up for heartache?

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