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Home and Away spoilers: Rose left with a bloody nose after a fierce hit from Jasmine


After learning she had two siblings, Xander (Luke Van Os) and Rose (Sam Frost), Jasmine’s world has been flipped upside down (Kirsty Marillier). She has, however, swiftly become friends with Xander and is attempting to persuade him to stay in the Bay. Knowing her brother, Rose has decided to stay and has arranged for a transfer to the Yabbie Creek police station.

When Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) learns of Rose’s decision, he is suspicious of her haste, believing she is more concerned with safeguarding Xander than with developing a connection with Jasmine. His suspicions grow when he detects Rose’s jealously over Xander and Jasmine’s blossoming friendship – and he is less than pleased to keep Rose’s transfer a secret when she asks him to do so for the time being.

Rose is later confronted with the reality that Xander and Jasmine have made arrangements without her, and the situation escalates over lunch as the two continue to find common ground, leaving Rose feeling excluded. Xander notices that his two sisters are becoming increasingly tense, and he has an idea: why don’t they connect over some healthy competition?

Rose and Jasmine, unable to resist, compete in a volleyball match at the caravan park, with Xander serving as the umpire. As the match progresses, Xander quickly realises that his plan has backfired, with both sisters fighting tooth and nail to be named the winner, and neither of them wanting to relinquish a single point.


Spectators begin to gather, and Xander tries to tell them that the reward is merely a free lunch, but Jasmine and Rose are undeterred. Until, that is, Jasmine throws the ball so hard over the net that it smacks Rose in the nose, drenching her in blood…

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