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Home and Away spoilers: Nikau Parata in daring SEA RESCUE!


When lifeguard Nikau Parata (Kawawakawa Fox-Reo) goes surfing on Home and Away in search of a missing swimmer, everything kind of goes Baywatch!

Nikau leaps into the water to save the woman who has fallen into the waves.

Eventually, she is rescued from the surf, but she is still unconscious.

Nikau and John Palmer, the boss of the Surf Club (Shane Withington), start CPR on the woman once they are back on the sand.


Naomi Stevens (Jamaica Vaughan), the victim’s sister, watches helplessly as Nikau and John attempt to save her life in a race against time.

Can the lifeguards turn things around?

Or is tragedy just around the corner?

Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), who had Justin Morgan (James Stewart) assist him with a pressing TAFE assignment, is beginning to regret it.


Regarding the approaching deadline, Justin never stops putting pressure on Leo.

Theo is only made more anxious by this!

When Justin asks Theo to turn over his laptop so that he can complete editing Theo’s essay, Theo feels apprehensive.

Can Theo really force himself to turn in a project that hardly even belongs to him?


Leah Patterson is a mentor to Chloe Anderson, Theo’s girlfriend, who is played by Sam Barrett (Ada Nicodemou).

Leah believes it’s time for Chloe to find her entrepreneurial spirit and stop spending all of her free time with Theo.

After a rocky beginning, Chloe begins to value Leah’s guidance and learning about accounting software.

Soon after meeting Leah, Chloe secures herself a brand-new lucrative side gig!

HOWEVER, what is it?

After admitting to organising illicit gambling sessions at her restaurant Salt, Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is convinced she might be spending some time in jail.


After meeting with her attorney, Mackenzie tells her family when she gets home that she is pleading guilty.

This appears honourable, and this is also her first infraction.

But it all relies on the judge’s attitude that particular day.

Mackenzie makes an effort to appear brave.

But when they discover Mackenzie hidden in the Salt store room, her brother Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and his girlfriend Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) are frightened.

She is a crying mess and is frightened of going to jail.

Channel 5 will continue to air Home and Away every day at 1:15 PM.

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