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Home and Away Spoilers – Mackenzie puts Salt up for sale


On this week’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, Mackenzie is given a chance to save Salt as she starts to run out of alternatives, but will she accept it because she is too proud?

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is searching for an investor to preserve the company after miraculously avoiding jail time following the illicit poker nights at Salt.

Although Mac was appreciative by the judge’s leniency, the hefty fine she received and her good behaviour bond have simply made matters worse by increasing the debt that initially drove her to host the evenings.

Not only that, but Mac has recently lost her boyfriend Logan (Harley Bonner) after he discovered her lie, forcing her to move in with her brother Dean (Patrick O’Brien) and his girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). She was kicked out of the pier apartment for being months overdue on the rent.


When employee Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) arrived and mentioned that she had another solution to bring the company out of debt, Mac was in a particularly bad place.

Flick was offended that Mac had assumed her proposal was bad because the poker nights were her idea in the first place and was ready to dismiss her before even hearing what she had to say.

Subsequently, when she realised her blunder, Mac apologised to Flick and asked for her assistance. She later revealed to Dean that it was more a case of her not wanting to pull people into her mess once more.

They only required one wealthy investor, as Flick noted, and when Mac was asked if she knew of anyone, she said that she was on good terms with an ex-boyfriend who had made it big and now owned a number of properties in the city. Later, Mac requested Flick to go with her to the city with her so she could help sell her business idea to a few potential investors.


This week, it appears that the journey to the city was for nothing because none of the high-flyers showed any indication of being interested. As she converses with Flick, she acknowledges that the thought of having a third party invest in the company doesn’t really appeal, especially because it would entail giving up some control to a potential stranger.

Flick, Dean, and Ziggy are disappointed when Mac lists Salt for sale since they feel they have no other choice.

She must struggle for it because she adores this location. As Dean and Ziggy watch Mac hang the sign from the balcony, Dean makes a remark.

Ziggy suggests that perhaps she wants to sell in order to minimise her losses and take control of the situation before it is upended from beneath her.


However, Flick quickly devises a strategy and heads off to find her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

When Flick later suggests that Mac invest herself, making the two of them equal partners, Mac is astonished!

It’s a far cry from having a stranger on board, but while Mac was prepared to give Flick control of Salt if she was imprisoned, sharing ownership is a different matter entirely.

Will Mackenzie agree to let Flick invest in Salt when there are so many things that could go wrong? Or will she succumb to pride?

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