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Home and Away spoilers: Levi’s wife revealed, Leah exit and Tane baby discovery


Levi’s wife Imogen arrives in Summer Bay, leaving Mackenzie confused on where they stand. Meanwhile, Leah returns to the clinic as Tane discovers an abandoned baby

There’s plenty of drama next week on Home and Away.

When Eden turns up on Levi’s doorstep unannounced, his wife Imogen is there. Imogen is delighted to meet Eden, and they immediately hit it off.

She talks about her dream future with rescue dogs and children, which leaves Levi more guilty than ever over his actions. Later, after Levi blows off plans with Mackenzie, she’s shocked to discover from Eden that he’s planning to start a family with Imogen.


Mackenzie meets Levi in a park and immediately it’s strained between them. Mackenzie asks where they stand after learning he wants children with his wife.

Levi explains that Imogen has wanted kids for a long time. Mackenzie makes herself clear and tells Levi that if he’s having a baby, their affair is over.

Levi puts everything on the line, telling Mackenzie that he will confess everything to his wife and leave her. But Mackenzie admits she can’t continue with their affair.

Elsewhere, Justin and Leah celebrate him completing community service. He decides to ask about the wedding, but Leah retreats hastily.


But after some reassurance from Valerie, Leah tells Justin that their wedding is back on. When Justin throws himself into wedding planning, Leah asks if they can slow down and not mention their plans to anyone just yet.

Justin can’t help but tell Irene, who is thrilled for her friends. At home, Justin is devastated to hear Leah on the phone to her therapist.

He admits to Leah that he knows she’s having doubts, and she tries to reassure him. In a follow up appointment, Leah’s doctor offers her an additional week’s stay in the clinic.

When she tells Justin that she wants to go, he’s supportive. Before she leaves, he tells her how proud he is of her, and puts her engagement ring back on her finger.


Across the Bay, Tane is walking along the beach when he discovers an abandoned gym bag with a young baby inside it. He rushes into the Surf Club with the infant on his arm.

Tane follows the baby to the hospital and refuses to leave her side. Later, Mackenzie joins Tane at the hospital, where he’s stayed since bringing her in.

Mackenzie questions whether this is bringing up a lot for him, given what happened with Felicity. When Mackenzie and Mali watch him with the baby later on, they agree they should both be worried.

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