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Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson gets REVENGE on PK…


On Home and Away, Dean Thompson (played by Patrick O’Connor) is on the warpath after receiving a terrifying threat from baddie businessman PK (Ryan Johnson) against his little son, Jai.

Dean SNAPS and attacks PK in front of an alarmed John Palmer (Shane Withington) when PK shows up in the Surf Club!

PK, on the other hand, appears to enjoy Dean’s rage.

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), Dean’s girlfriend, is disturbed when he refuses to report PK to the police for fear of exposing his sister Mackenzie Booth’s (Emily Weir) connection to the shady dealer.


Dean is going to handle things his way… and quickly calls in some help from his River Boys pals!

When PK is thrown into the boot of a car and kidnapped by Dean and his cronies, things go horribly wrong!

But how far is Dean willing to go in order to teach PK a lesson?

When Ziggy sees Dean washing his bloodied knuckles in the kitchen sink, she thinks the worst.


As the day of the transplant procedure approaches, Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) is becoming increasingly anxious.

It’s been such a long time coming… but it’s finally here!

Roo is visited by Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons).

Is Roo more jittery than she lets on?


Marilyn, on the other hand, is in for a shock when Roo SNAPS!

WHY is Roo so frightened of her forthcoming surgery?

Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) and Chloe Anderson are falling in love (Sam Barrett).

Is that the case?

Theo pays a visit to Chloe at the Diner.

Unfortunately, nerves get the best of Theo and Chloe, and they end up having an unpleasant conversation!


Theo receives dating advice from both Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and John Palmer (Shane Withington).

Theo, on the other hand, has already convinced himself that Chloe has unfriended him!

Theo invites Chloe out for a drink in an attempt to re-engage her.

WHY, then, does Theo show up for drinks with another female companion?

WHAT EXACTLY is Theo attempting to achieve?

On Channel 5, Home and Away airs weekdays at 1:15 p.m.

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