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‘Home and Away’ spoilers: Ari Parata gets more BAD NEWS?


Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) and his family have had a rough few weeks, but is there more bad news on the coming in Home and Away (6.00pm – check our TV Guide for full listings)?

The Parata family is still reeling from the automobile accident that sent Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to the hospital and caused Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) to miscarry.

It also caused Tane’s (Ethan Browne) relationship with Ziggy Astoni to fall apart (Sophie Dillman). He found she had kissed her ex, Dean, before the disaster, but she persuaded him that it didn’t matter and that it was him she wanted to be with.

HOWEVER! When Ziggy learned that Dean had been injured in the automobile accident, she realised that she did, after all, love him, so when Tane observed an intimate moment between the two, he threw his girlfriend the old heave-ho!


Tane went out to forget about his heartbreak and ended up coming home with Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), but as he tried to leave the house, he ran into her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Tane isn’t enthralled. Felicity didn’t tell him her brother was a cop, but she believes it will come back to haunt him for attempting to flee without saying goodbye.

Tane gets the loving brother routine from Ari when he returns home, knowing that his current behaviour is a direct result of Ziggy’s breakup with him. Tane, on the other hand, asks why his brother is so concerned about what he does, implying that it derives from his own remorse about how he handled Nikau before the collision that left him in the hospital.

Mia later urges Ari not to worry about others and to focus on their own relationship, prompting him to ask a question, but they are interrupted by a call summoning them to the hospital before she can respond…


Meanwhile, Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) is putting in long hours at work after staying up all night working on the website for her Ryder Jackson-led business endeavour (Lukas Radovich).

The couple is starting a catering business and will prepare their orders in the Diner’s kitchen. The problem is that Ryder is unaware that they do not have authorization to use the facilities from co-owners Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) and Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou).

Ryder recommends exposing the photographs to Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), who works at the Diner, after spending all night cooking meals and shooting photos for their website, but Chloe quickly shuts him down and admits the truth.

Ryder isn’t thrilled about the scenario since he’s afraid it’ll blow up in their faces, but he quickly agrees to preserve the secret when their first purchase arrives!


When John Palmer (Shane Withington) buys the garage, Leah and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) aren’t overjoyed when he asks for a meeting to explore methods to enhance the company’ efficiency.

After hearing his recommendations, Leah tells Justin that she has to acknowledge that John has some excellent ideas, but she is hesitant to inform him since it may lead to further involvement.

When Justin learns that he will be receiving money, it appears that John may not be an issue for the pair after all. The money Susie took from them in the real estate fraud has now been refunded to them. As a result, they will be able to purchase the garage.

It’s fantastic news for them, but how will John react?

Cash thought Felicity got a touch crazy when he informed Jasmine she was his sister, and he wasn’t wrong!

Felicity irritates Cash enough by bringing Tane home after a night out, and she irritates him even more when she shows up at the police station to question him about their eviction.


Felicity creates a fuss when he refuses to engage with her, causing Cash to pull her into an interview room. Cash gives Felicity a list of the real estate agent’s complaints against them, including not paying rent for two months.

So, what did she do with the money from the rent?

Later, she interrupts Cash’s lunch date with Jasmine and tells him some humiliating anecdotes about her brother, raising his ire. To make matters worse, when they get home, they discover all of their belongings strewn on the street.

What are they going to do now that they’ve been evicted from their home?

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