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Home and Away spoiler: Valerie explains her past


Valerie receives an apology from Theo for going too far last night when he inquired about her family. He apologises to Valerie, who also says he is fortunate to have family members like Leah and Justin.

Valerie responds to his enquiry about her family later. The counsellors are the only people who have questioned her in a long time about her background. She tells the painful tale of how her brother picked her up from a party, the heated dispute that transpired in the car on the way home, and how it ended with them landing upside-down. He refused to wake up even though she kept crying out to him.

Valerie continues by saying that she tore her family apart in a single night since her parents never showed her forgiveness.

Leah seeks advise from Marilyn and Valerie over how to handle her predicament with Justin in the interim. She tells him that she is not attempting to mislead him as she heads to the garage. She wants to know what he expects from her and to lay all the cards on the table.


Justin has an easy response. He anticipates them spending time together and her returning home when she’s ready. It is very important to Justin that they go for a stroll. He is thrilled that she can take her time and make the decisions.

Touched by her partner’s fidelity, Leah gives him a kiss in return. He will wait for her indefinitely, and they are headed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Eden and Kirby are assisting Remi in readjusting to life at home now that he is no longer in the hospital. Remi pretends to be in the hospital when Bree calls, not wanting to worry her because she should be with her critically ill father.

Kirby doesn’t think it’s a good idea to lie to Bree because she has a right to know. Remi doesn’t care what she thinks; this is his decision, therefore she should back off. Eden concurs, but Kirby told Bree she would get in touch with her if something changed.


Remi stiffens in response to the increased voices, but his agony worsens and he soon wants to lie down. Kirby tells her when she gets back that Bree called and that even though she did keep lying to her, it hurt so much to do it. Remi objects, saying he doesn’t need other people to be concerned about him.

Later, Kirby disputes Eden’s assertion that his degree of agony appears typical; however, Remi wears himself out and ends up on the bathroom floor as a result of shoving her away. With no other option, Eden must appeal for help. She swipes past Bree and down to Levi, the only other physician she has access to.

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