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Home and Away spoiler: Justin tries to get back on track


When Leah, Marilyn, and Valerie get home, Justin is waiting for them at the door. Although Leah sets limits for a purpose, she ultimately feels uncomfortable with his being there, even though she agrees to speak with him.

Valerie drops by the garage, concerned about her friend’s well-being, and encourages Justin to persevere. Theo assures Justin that Valerie is correct and that he shouldn’t give up hope even if she advises him not to because only she will know where Leah’s head is at any given moment.

Justin extends an invitation to dinner to Leah, who is unsure about it but is reassured by Valerie. Valerie convinces Theo to play some music to lighten the mood as they eat supper with Leah and Justin.

Following the round of applause, Valerie is taken to Salt by Theo for a drink, and Leah is ready for Justin to escort her home. Although she’s hesitant to discuss her background with Theo, she’s eager to learn more about him.


Leah walks home with Justin. When they get to her doorstep, she pulls away and begs him to stop and go. He reaches in to kiss her. Justin regrets pushing too far and is overcome with regret.

Felicity is impressed that Cash has been hired as a private investigator and is eager to learn more—until she learns that it has to do with the “boring” anonymous donation to the Surf Club.

Dana is ecstatic to learn about the probe and promptly tells Cash about Simon Henderson and his withdrawn sponsorship. By the end of their conversation, she’s bursting at the seams with potential donor identities, but Cash brushes off his “Watson.” She has been helpful, but this is it.

Later, at home, Felicity tells Cash how happy she is that he has a new, fulfilling work. He’s delighted too, but he seizes the chance to show off his sleuthing abilities because he saw her and Xander together at Salt earlier. Felicity acknowledges having slept with Tane. Cash is concerned that she might be holding onto unrealistic hopes, but Felicity reassures him that it was a moment of closure. She’s happy that her relationship with Tane is gone.


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