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Home and Away reveals Ryder burial aftermath in 25 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK televisions in the week beginning Monday, March 14.

Monday, March 14:

Bella and Dean go to Mackenzie’s house to see how she’s doing. The presence of Neve, Logan’s ex-girlfriend, has thrown Mackenzie for a loop.

Bella and Dean are concerned about Mac’s well-being. This isn’t the first time Mac has encountered a situation like this.

Dean makes an effort to help his sister. Will Mac be able to keep Logan on track?


Logan is under a lot of stress. Everyone is watching to see how he handles the situation.

Mackenzie has a conversation with Logan. Will they be able to overcome this new obstacle in their relationship?

Mia and Dean have a conversation. Dean is concerned about Ari’s safety.

Dean informs Mia that he is certain Ari is innocent. Mia is hoping Dean won’t cause a ruckus.


Wednesday, March 16:

Tane and Felicity have succumbed to the temptation. In Felicity’s caravan, they spend time together.

Tane is defying his own set of rules. He had earlier advised the Parata family to keep their distance from one another when they banded together in the aftermath of Matthew’s death.

Felicity is perplexed. Ari’s confession is already public knowledge, she points out.

Tane’s reaction is evasive. He adds that there are still some details concerning Ari’s predicament that he can’t share with Felicity.


Thursday, March 17:

Ryder is still having difficulties. He’s thinking about the recent burial problem, especially because Alf was so scathing in his assessment of what happened.

For Ryder, it all becomes too much. In the trailer park, he has a panic attack.

Jasmine notices that Ryder is in need of assistance. She runs over with Cash in her arms.

Jasmine expresses her gratitude. She takes a seat next to Ryder.

Jasmine has a few tricks in her sleeve. Ryder is encouraged to take a few deep breaths by her.

When Ryder begins to improve, Jasmine feels relieved. Her assistance is effective.


Another saga awaits Jasmine and Cash. Alf is looking for a chance to say something.

Alf is seeking retribution. He believes Theo should be charged with attempted murder as a result of the burial challenge.

Alf’s outburst is dismissed by Cash. Ryder was buried of his own free will, thus there will be no charges.

Alf isn’t acting like himself, as Jasmine notes. He isn’t normally so enraged. Most of the time, at least…

Jasmine is a considerate person. Mia is determined to marry Ari, even if the ceremony must take place in prison, she has discovered.

Jasmine mulls about the events of the past. She reflects about her relationship with Robbo.

Jasmine is content with the way things are going in her current relationship. With Cash, she seemed to be in a good place.

Jasmine and Cash exchange a kiss. The entrance of Cash in Jasmine’s life alleviates her unhappy recollections. Cash assures her that he is not leaving.

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