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Home and Away Remi star’s life – guitar confession, landing role and Neighbours fame


He’s currently illuminating our screens as a member of Lyrik, the new band from Home and Away, and the growing star has no plans to slow down. Let’s look at the actor that played the part.

The entrance of new band Lyrik, which has brought some fresh tunes and terrific new characters to Summer Bay, has excited fans of Home and Away.

Australian actor Adam Rowland, who portrays the part of musician Remi Carter, is one of those characters.

The handsome star quickly won viewers over with his dazzling good looks and outstanding guitar talents as the foursome brings a series of dramas to the popular serial opera along with Angelina Thomson (Kirby Aramoana), Eden Fowler (Stephanie Ponazzo), and Matt Evans (Theo Poulos).


Let’s examine Adam’s transition from aspiring musician to movie star, as well as the nerves he faced along the way.

Initial Role

Adam says that he was anxious when he was cast in the part of Remi in Home and Away because he had already been on a number of other TV shows, including Neighbours, a former soap rival.

Adam reflects on how he got the role and why he is so “grateful” to be a part of the popular show in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.


Adam remembers: “I received a call for an audition around December, and I sent a tape.

They called me a little over three weeks later and flew me up to Sydney. Coming into the Sydney studio made me pretty anxious.

“I had a great time auditioning with everyone. And really, we could have all played in the band. Yes, we completed the tape. I flew home. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it when I got the call two days later informing me that I had been accepted into the band. You are now in Lyric.

It’s a fantastic chance that I’ve been given, he acknowledged, and I’m using it to improve as an actor. I’m extremely appreciative of it. I definitely want to concentrate on giving it my all right now and improving as an actor. Where else would be a good venue for that?


With the serial opera being recognised for creating Hollywood stars like Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, and Samara Weaving, Adam also acknowledged that he can’t believe his luck.

It has undoubtedly given those actors who started out as amateurs a platform. I feel so blessed to have been given this wonderful opportunity.

Guitar Technique

Since the band’s introduction this year, fans have been smitten with the actors who play the instruments, and many have questioned whether the actors are indeed trained musicians.

Actor Adam is an enthusiastic guitarist in real life, and he states that holding his guitar in his hands makes him feel the most at ease.

In fact, the performers are so talented musicians that they frequently play live in their scenes. When I’m filming, it helps me get into character and live in the present, she remarked.


Adam also admits that he feels “at home” while he is playing the guitar.

The first scene that Lyrik ever shot for Home and Away was their musical performance in front of the Parata residence.

According to Adam, everyone was “nervous and anxious and really passionate,” but as soon as the band began playing, all of their issues disappeared. “They told me to stand there and simply go for it while throwing my guitar at me.

I felt at ease with my guitar,” he continued.

Fame among neighbours

Actor Adam has been a part of numerous dramatic plotlines since since he was cast as Remi in Home and Away.

In tense scenes on the drama, Remi lately found himself the target of a con artist.

Ziggy Astoni, who appears on television, is seen attempting to assist Remi, but she gets into difficulty when she hides this from her lover Dean Thompson.

The next scene shows Ziggy and Remi buying a defective van that starts to smoke; when they return it to the vendor, he locks them in a shed and abandons them there.

Aware soap opera aficionados may also recall Adam from his dual-role appearance in the erstwhile rival soap opera Neighbours as he tackles this most recent dramatic storyline.

Adam previously made appearances in 2018 as Sebastian Housler and in three episodes from 2022 as Dr. Oscar Russell.

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