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Home and Away newcomer Dana in shocking kidnap storyline


This week’s episode of Home and Away will feature a startling kidnapping plot for new character Dana.

According to information published in Australia’s TV Week, Dana, who had earlier come out of hiding to defend her sister Harper, is battling for her life in the upcoming episodes as corrupt police officer Madden takes her to an abandoned warehouse.

He leaves her with his colleague Fletcher after tying her to a chair, and he returns to the police station. He informs everyone there that Dana made her getaway before telling Fletcher to “do it now” through text.

Fletcher approaches Dana in the warehouse as she cries out for assistance, pulling out a syringe.


After realising that something was seriously wrong when they went to the station ahead of time and saw that none of the two cops or Dana were present, Cash and Rose have set out to find Dana and the two officers. Is it possible for them to locate Dana in a timely manner?

Cash’s actor, Nicholas Cartwright, stated to the magazine that “Cash and Rose are on the back foot from the get-go.”

However, they are aware that they must move swiftly because things are starting to appear quite dangerous.

In the UK, these scenes will premiere in late October.


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