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Home and Away newcomer Bob is replaced after shock exit


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

The four-piece band Lyrik enters a new phase next week on UK television thanks to Home and Away.

The pals of Felicity Newman, Bob Forsyth, Remi Carter, Eden Fowler, and Kirby Aramoana have lately joined Summer Bay, but the band is about to undergo some changes.

Following a disagreement regarding the band’s future, Bob leaves Lyrik and the Bay in upcoming episodes of Channel 5.


The rest of the band wants to perform regularly at Salt, the restaurant owned by Felicity and Mackenzie Booth, but Bob thinks they should not.

Lyrik will inform Felicity the next week that Bob has left and won’t be returning. The band’s ambitions to perform frequently at Salt are derailed by this.

Not one to give up so quickly, Kirby advises that they start holding lead vocalist tryouts right away.

Kirby extends an invitation to Theo Poulos to participate in the Salt auditions before they begin. Theo hesitates to go since he’s worried how he can fit the band into his demanding study schedule.


The rest of the candidates for the audition are awful and obviously unfit for the position, which is bad news for Lyrik. They finally give up and start packing up their tools.

Theo enters for an audition after finally changing his mind, but the band informs him that he is too late.

Theo decides to take matters into his own hands and picks up Remi’s guitar nevertheless, beginning to play and completely impressing Lyrik with his talent.

Theo is overjoyed when Lyrik formally offers him the role of lead singer, rapidly changing their position.


Will Theo be able to balance his new responsibilities with his technical studies as the job’s reality sets in?

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