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Home and Away murder investigation begins in 29 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning on Monday, July 4.

Tuesday, July 5th:

Emmett has returned to Summer Bay. JR Reyne plays the part again.

When Bella sees Emmett, she is astonished. Emmett has recently been residing in New York.

Bella is up for a proposition from Emmett. She is to serve as his assistant for a period of three months while he works on a new project in New York.


Bella is now faced with a challenge. Can she actually depart from Nikau?

Mac gets a startling call. Cash invites her to to the police station so he can question her about the killing of PK.

Mac has cause for concern. She might feel pressured about the illicit poker nights if she is questioned about PK.

Emmett travels to Salt. Inquiring after Mac.


Emmett’s presence makes Mac happy. The chemistry between them still seems to be there.

The cops question Dean in depth. He is one of the main suspects in the killing of PK.

Dean is in an awkward situation. It doesn’t look good for him because just before the murder, he kidnapped and brutalised PK.

Rose and Cash interrogate Dean. Dean is unsure about how forthcoming he ought to be.


It’s unclear to Rose and Cash whether to believe Dean. His account is really dubious.

The coroner’s office is approached by Rose. On PK’s passing, there is an update.

It has been determined what caused the fatality. Due to blunt force trauma, PK died.

Cash is updated by Rose. She explains the cause of death to him.

Cash and Rose keep exchanging theories. Who might have murdered PK?

Friday, July 8:

Theo is ashamed. Leah sternly questioned Chloe about her intentions with Theo after extending an invitation to a family dinner.


Theo dislikes Leah’s meddling. Chloe made an excuse to depart because she didn’t like being questioned.

Theo worries His hopes of getting Chloe were ruined by Leah. Theo and Chloe have just recently overcome earlier challenges to their relationship to get back on track.

Leah regrets what she did.

She understands that she might need to take action to make things right.

Theo’s situation changes. He spends the afternoon cuddling up to Chloe in bed.

Chloe and Theo have come to a consensus. The young couple has decided to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend after Leah prodded them about how serious their love is.

Leah recognises what is happening. Chloe is still in Theo’s bedroom, and he is still partially clothed.

Leha can’t help but continue to probe. Is it time to ease off, though?

Theo desires some solitude. Chloe’s situation has now been resolved.

Leah and Justin decide to avoid being seen. They grant Theo some seclusion.

Theo seems to have achieved success. Is the future for him and Chloe going to be easy sailing?

Xander walks over to the police department. He has made the decision to report Millie for fabricating the vehicle accident.

Xander is taking a huge chance. If he tells the truth to the police, Millie has threatened to falsely charge him of harassment. Is Xander endangering his safety?

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