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Home and Away legend Ray Meagher breaks down on-air


On Tuesday’s edition of This Is Your Life, Home and Away great Ray Meagher started crying right away.

The first homage, delivered by his former co-star Chris Hemsworth, caused the actor to cry.

The Hollywood celebrity gushed about the first time he met the Australian icon in a pre-recorded greeting for Ray.

“Ray Meagher, flaming legend, icon, and godfather of Australian television, is my hero. What can I say, mate?” he asked.


“I well recall the first time I entered a Home and Away set and our first encounter. I was giddy with anticipation and anxiety, partly because I was meeting you, the man, the myth, and the tale.

“The time has come. You were at the end of the corridor, silhouetted by the sun and drenched in lovely light, when I recall the doors bursting open.

“We drew nearer as our eyes met. He’s probably not a hugger, I thought as I inhaled deeply. I extended my hand… I lost my nerve and dashed off towards the wardrobe department.

The Thor actor made a humorous memory, and the crowd laughed, but Ray had to fight back tears when he heard what he next revealed.


“As expected, you approached me and welcomed me, saying it was great to see you, Chris. You’re going to succeed here.” You were and have been supportive, kind, and real throughout my entire career. I really appreciate it, buddy. I adore you. You are a precious friend.

However, Ray became even more upset when the following visitor showed up.

To surprise her former co-star, Kate Ritchie, who played Sally Fletcher for 20 years, arrived on the This is Your Life set.

After watching several episodes of Home and Away from 1990 until 2008, the couple said their final on-screen goodbyes in Palm Beach.


She grabbed Ray’s hand and said, “Ray is truly so much of what I learned as a person, but also as a performer.

“And for both of us, it is unavoidable that there is so much of us in those roles since we have played them for such a long period.

“When I saw that video…

Actually, I spy two pals. He has seen me change from a young girl to a woman, and he is quite proud of me. So thank you; I’m pleased I made you happy.

The Australian legend assured his former co-star that his remarks “still stand” and that he is still proud of her now.

Ray wiped his tears away with a tissue as Kate said, “You know that Ray, you mean a lot to me.


Since 1988, Ray has played Alf Stewart, and he now holds the record for the longest acting tenure in an Australian television programme.

With celebrities like Julian McMahon, Danni Minogue, Bec Hewitt, and Georgie Parker paying tribute, it was clear how much of an impact the actor has had on the Australian entertainment scene.

He is a steadfast fan favourite, and many viewers reported crying during the show.

“I’m so moved that tears are streaming. Ray, congratulations! What a wonderful life! One person commented on social media, “You’re a beautiful man and a terrific performer.

“Weeping joyful tears. It was really sweet to watch Ray (Alf) receive such recognition. As he would say, “Stone the crow.” I hope he continues to appear on the programme,” a second said.

“Oh the memories, people from long ago. Ray is such a gracious person, thanking everyone for coming out on a night when he truly deserves all the praise. Another person added, “I shed some happy tears in the first five minutes.

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