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Home and Away – Jasmine made a shocking decision today on summer bay!!


On tonight’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, Jasmine Delaney abruptly departed town to assist Robbo’s parents on their family farm.

Sam Frost’s 4 1/2 years as Jasmine came to an end with this episode. Sam left the show at the end of last year, and her farewell scenes were filmed on Friday, December 17th, the last day of the show’s production year.

In November, it was stated that Jasmine would be written off the show temporarily while Sam underwent surgery and was immunised, but a few weeks later, it was revealed that Sam had permanently left the programme.

Jasmine’s on-screen departure occurred while she was on the phone with Ian, the father of her late husband Robbo.


Wendy, Robbo’s mother, had a heart attack, it was disclosed. While she was fine, Ian required assistance on their farm in Mount Edgecombe, so Jasmine made the hasty choice to leave Summer Bay to assist.

While Jasmine’s leave was left open-ended with the hope that she would return once the Shaws were in a better place, it is thought that there are no plans for her to return at this time.

The exit occurred in the middle of a shocking new storyline in which Jasmine’s boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) spent the night in the back of Rose’s car with Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

After getting wasted at the Parata family barbecue, Cash persuaded Rose to join him for drinks. Because Cash isn’t a huge drinker, a few beers turned him into “Fun Cash,” but the party got out of hand when he was tossed out of Salt by Mackenzie (Emily Weir).


Rose attempted to return Cash to Jasmine’s, but he stated that Jasmine had never seen him drunk before, thus he couldn’t return home in his inebriated state. Rose suggested the two go for a walk, and in an unexpected turn of events, they ended up spending the night in her car together.

When Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) saw Rose’s car with the windows steamed up the next morning, she was keen to find out who the new cop had hooked up with.

Despite the awful optics, Cash and Rose didn’t appear to be sleeping together, and the automobile was only a location for them to sleep off the drink. Cash, on the other hand, saw it as a terrible sign and had to urge his sister to keep the secret from Jasmine.

Cash’s secret was kept safe in the end when Jasmine received a call from Ian shortly after. She left Summer Bay quickly to visit the Shaws’ Glenwood Park property in Mount Edgecombe.


She only had enough time to say goodbye to Cash and Rose and beg them to keep an eye out for each other before packing up and heading out the door.

Nicholas Cartwright recently said that Jasmine’s departure was unexpected and coincided with a new Delaney plot.

We may never know whether Cash and Rose’s wild night together had greater ramifications, as it appears we’ve seen Jasmine’s character for the last time.

In the final week of Home and Away’s production year, both Sam Frost and Harley Bonner (Logan) filmed their final scenes, and with Logan’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it exit airing in Australia on Monday, Jasmine’s abrupt departure is her final appearance.

We take a look back at Jasmine’s exciting stay in Summer Bay as she bids farewell after 4 1/2 years.

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