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Home and Away: Alf lashes out at Cash over Marilyn’s disappearance



On this week’s episode of Home And Away, Alf (Ray Meagher) is enraged when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), a police officer, insists Marilyn (Emily Symons) doesn’t want to be contacted and he won’t tell him where she is.
According to Ray Meagher, 78, TV WEEK, “Alf is distraught.” “He believes that all of these issues might have been avoided if she had given him the truth right away.
That being said, he would welcome her back as a close friend right away. They have always had a fantastic relationship.”
Alf simply cannot accept Cash’s choice.
It’s Marilyn, not Cash telling you where the crown jewels are or saying, “I know where the body is hidden and I’m not going to tell you.” Ray elucidates.


Alf leaps at Cash because he is angry, furious, and feels compelled to defend his friend. His temper tantrum, however, does not last long before his underlying heart issue flares up and forces him to calm down.
Fortunately, Roo (Georgie Parker), his daughter, and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), who come in and gently inquire of Cash for a small amount of information. At some point, Cash makes it known that Marilyn works as a volunteer at a local youth shelter.


The friends discover Marilyn there, attempting desperately to atone for her past. She feels bad because she abandoned her infant daughter Heather (Sofia Nolan) and is now assisting other troubled youngsters.
Marilyn is adamant that she won’t return to the Bay, but Roo and Nikau point out that she is surrounded by strangers here and that they are unable to comprehend the anguish she has experienced.
Can they persuade her to return to her rightful home?

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