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Harold returns, Clive’s s*xy past, and Mackenzie health fears: 6 big Neighbours spoilers


This week, Old Jelly Belly is back in Neighbours, and he manages to both cause a commotion and save the day. Could this be a turning point for Mackenzie (Georgie Stone)? Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) is finally the one to reach her.

Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), who might be the victim of his meddling, will be less happy about his return. How far will he go to end their relationship once he and Zara (Freya Van Dyke) decide that Mel isn’t right for Toadie (Ryan Moloney)?

Jane (Annie Jones) and Clive (Geoff Payne) are in a tense relationship as well; Clive’s dirty secrets are about to come to light with the return of Jane’s son, which could mean the end for this happy couple.

When Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) exhibits a moment of weakness, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is given the opportunity to regain control of the vehicle, and boy does she feel good to be back.


Additionally, Freya (Phoebe Roberts) is in a terrible situation as a result of the debt she owes Emma.

This is what is coming up in Neighbours.

Clive was involved in Byron’s s*x acts

When Byron first meets Clive, the boyfriend of his mother, he learns shockingly that Clive is connected to his past involvement in sex work. He learns that Clive is associated with one of his clients and begins to look into the possibility that Clive is having an extramarital affair with Jane. Nic joins in on the super-investigating, and the two start to get along. What will they learn, though?

Mackenzie is rescued from her eating disorder by Harold’s return

Grant finds some Hendrix videos and decides Mackenzie is too weak to watch them. He fails to recognise she is an adult and should be allowed to make decisions for herself, that is until Toadie and Mel get involved. But his decision to withhold Mackenzie’s last grasp on Hendrix does not go down well and a fresh schism tears open between father and daughter. This drives her to spiral further, and Karl and Susan are astonished to find the situation she’s in when they return. Mackenzie is silently dealing with her loss and reluctance to eat, but Harold realises something is awry. He shows her the compassion she so desperately needs and it’s the first sight of light at the end of the tunnel that she’s seen.


Chloe sees the future

Kiri’s decision to go to church once more and the fact that Nic will be joining her are both surprises for Chloe. The latter provides Chloe the necessary kick in the pants, and she starts a conversation with Kiri in which she makes herself vulnerable. Will they opt to pursue a future as a couple or will they decide to part ways?

Terese extends an arm of peace

Paul worries about David’s situation and worries for his safety. When a well-known troublemaker visitor checks into the hotel, his distracted state makes it tough for him to manage the situation. Terese cares about Paul and intervenes covertly to make things better. She can’t help but take pleasure in regaining control of the reins.

Plan to separate Melanie and Toadie

Amy has been trying internet dating, and she doesn’t really like it any more than she likes rubbing a birdseye chilli in her eyes. She encounters ghosting, manipulation, and gaslighting all at once and is dejected to realise this is her present and future. She confides in Nicolette about her problems, and on her advice, Amy falls down a rabbit hole and begins to have second thoughts about Toadie. She naively shares this with Zara, who seems determined to get her mother what she thinks she wants—Toadie. She might be trying to get Melanie out of the way in order to accomplish that. When Toadie and Mel celebrate their engagement, Zara observes her mother struggling and asks Harold for some advice. Zara advises that they separate the couple, but Harold refuses despite admitting that he doesn’t like Mel either. Will Harold and Zara conspire to get Mel removed from Toadie’s life?

Freya’s in difficulty

Emma’s assistance in defending David comes at a price. She is taking advantage of Freya’s favours and placing her in a variety of uncomfortable circumstances. The worst one puts Freya in a difficult situation because Emma expects her to do a favour while also waiting to be sentenced in court. Freya has to do the assignment, but she also has to show up in court. How is she going to please Emma?


Scenes air beginning Monday July 4 on Channel 5.

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